True 2 the Gospel

In the mad rush to “relevance” and respectability, the Church needs a storm of voices calling spiritual warriors to contend for the Word of God once and for all committed to the saints.  Add my voice to that long and growing list.

My name is Tim Floyd.  I live near the historic Potomac River not far from Washington, DC.  I consult with churches and pastors., and do a bit of writing.  Like you, I’m here to advance the interests of the Kingdom on hostile soil.  My goal is to never get political, but always be true to the Gospel.  Sometimes that speaks to moral issues that have become politicized.

Feel free to leave your comments.  If you have suggestions, I’d be pleased to hear from you.  Most of all, be faithful in reading your Bible at least five times a week.  Be sure that your head is full of truth so that you are always prepared for opportunities to talk about Jesus Christ.  Pray for divine appointments.

It will require a legion of men and women like Patrick of Ireland to get the Gospel to all the corners of our pagan nation, not to mention the world.  It’s a privilege to serve with you in the Mission of the Kingdom of Light.

Jesus is Lord!


9 thoughts on “True 2 the Gospel

    1. The website host WordPress derives revenue from and chooses the advertisements, not the individual blog honors. Even so, Victoria’s Secret sells underwear, and is just a business; lingerie is not inherently “evil.” 🙂

  1. Does the media not know about these stories-of course they do. Come on new media broadcast for Christians too. All those terrible terrorists stories everyone even non-Christians need to hear. Maybe just maybe it will bring others to know a personal relationship with Christ. Everyone needs it. Do you have it?

  2. Halleluiah God wants intimacy, with His children. It’s the goodness of Gods heart that leads us to repentance and most people do not understand that TRUE LOVE is HIS written word. To love someone else we must know our FATHERS love; that requires time spent with Him here. Most people want all the benefits of Heaven but aren’t willing to sacrifice anything here to get it. Jesus himself said “those who wish to save their life will lose it” What does that mean? Well, it’s the same as what it meant thousands of years ago, IT MEANS we have to transformed by the renewing of our minds. That’s impossible without intimacy.

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