Take No Captives

It simply takes too much energy to live with an open wound. … More Take No Captives


Burying Jesus

Significantly, the same four gospels on which O’Reilly has based his new book also describe Christ’s resurrection with the same wealth of detail. Why should we trust what they say about the cross but discount what they say about the tomb? … More Burying Jesus


In a culture that teaches “No Limits,” the Gospel is a line in the sand that drives trendy people crazy. There’s only one way: it’s Jesus or a wasted life followed by condemnation. There is always a clear choice: holiness or unholiness. … More Defiance!

Bless Your Heart

When the Bible speaks about being pure in heart, we tend to think about getting rid of dirty minds.  In biblical terms, however, a pure heart requires far more than clean thinking.  In scripture, your heart is the control center of your life; the place where you make your decisions and turn your purposes into … More Bless Your Heart