Heaven is for Real. Who told You?

I realize that US politicians are helpless to secure our borders from people determined to sneak in, but in an exclusive Kingdom like Heaven, do you believe our all-knowing God allows people to arrive prematurely and must then correct his error by sending them back to Earth? If you really believe that, why is it reassuring? … More Heaven is for Real. Who told You?


The Last Taboo

There’s a brand new movie called Hope Springs in which Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones portray a fading couple who are shocked by the discovery that there is still life (and sex) after 50. Now somebody needs to let Hollywood in on another secret that people in Flyover Country have known for generations: there is also life after death. … More The Last Taboo

Not Really

He was an outstanding young man; a high school student who loved his family and walked with Christ. He lived the kind of life that would make any parent proud; always a joy to be around. Then suddenly last summer he was taken. … More Not Really