It’s Not What you Know….

It’s clear there’s a certain amount of superstition in what this suffering woman believes about Jesus Christ. But the power of that amazing Messiah reverses her illness and instantly restores her to health. … More It’s Not What you Know….


The Christian Brain, Part 1

If someone is truly a beloved friend, surely he doesn’t expect me to disregard my deepest convictions in order to remain in his good graces. It’s not about whether a friend is good enough for me. Rather, logic says I would never “celebrate” something I find deadly, destructive and morally offensive. … More The Christian Brain, Part 1

Hot! Hot! Hot!

If the USA is superior at all, it’s simply because we’re just two decades behind! We are quickly following in the footsteps that have led Europe to decline and despair. Morals are destructive. Marriage is obsolete. Gay is good. Sex is a toy. Drugs are good for everything. Hard work is to be avoided. The Christian Faith is superstition. Rules are made to be broken by the truly intelligent. … More Hot! Hot! Hot!

True 2 the Gospel

In his new book, Dancing in the Glory of Monsters, author Jason K. Stearns recounts the true story of a pygmy who was brought to the USA from the Central Congo in 1904.  The poor man, Ota Benga,  was displayed in a monkey house at the Bronx Zoo. Every day some 40,000 guests visited the exhibit, which also featured an orangutan in order … More True 2 the Gospel