Don’t Write a Hollywood Ending

When someone mentions a “Hollywood Ending,” we typically think of two people who overcome all their relationship problems and then ride off into a red and gold sunset together… forever. In real life, that’s not how it works in Hollywood, is it? To the contrary, lasting marriages in Hollywood are as rare as the Hope Diamond. … More Don’t Write a Hollywood Ending


The Plastic Version

Gavin DeGraw’s new CD has a great song called “Candy” built around a refrain that’s almost biblical.  “We have our lives to bear/ Our bags to burden/ But we just buy and we wear/ The plastic version of/ Love, hope, understanding./But we can’t survive on candy.”  The more we center our relationships around social media … More The Plastic Version

Bigger than the Bang!

There’s a very basic reason why most Americans and many scientists remain so skeptical of the current theories of our origins. While some would love to blame all those doubts and reservations on “ignorant, superstitious religion,” the fact is that even in a world with no Christianity, this particular question would still present nagging problems. That obvious question that any child could pose is this: “Where did the first Thing come from?” … More Bigger than the Bang!

The Return of the “M” Word

And now, we have riots in England by mainstream young people who have plenty to eat, lots of leisure time, but no foundations for moral living. In American, we can watch security video of flash mobs robbing 7-11 or Victoria’s Secret stores! Now we have liberal publications like The Economist, wailing in despair. “It turns out that if sufficient numbers of criminals want to create havoc on the streets, they can, ” an editorial concluded after the rioting. ” In the absence of internal moral restraints, external ones can only do so much.” In other words, a civilized nation can’t hire enough policemen or build enough prisons if most citizens aren’t already controlled by morals from within. … More The Return of the “M” Word

Hot! Hot! Hot!

If the USA is superior at all, it’s simply because we’re just two decades behind! We are quickly following in the footsteps that have led Europe to decline and despair. Morals are destructive. Marriage is obsolete. Gay is good. Sex is a toy. Drugs are good for everything. Hard work is to be avoided. The Christian Faith is superstition. Rules are made to be broken by the truly intelligent. … More Hot! Hot! Hot!

He Can’t Change His Mind

Exodus 32 narrates the story of Aaron and the Golden Calf. The whole incident is so insulting to the Most High God that he suggests he should wipe the Children of Israel off the face of the Earth. But Moses intervenes, imploring God to show mercy to these poor fools. And the King James Version of the Bible reports that God “repented” and spared the people. Thinking men and women read this account and wonder, “Why does a holy and righteous God need to repent? Did he sin? Didn’t he know better?” … More He Can’t Change His Mind