The Morality Police

When the secular American Left takes a position, the debate is over and the issue is settled. Whatever the term “consensus” used to mean, it now means that the Entertainment Industry has made a decision. Madonna has announced that she will use an August concert in Russia t0 denounce new laws there that discourage the promotion of homosexuality. No one has called her a Nazi for imposing her moral standards on a foreign nation. … More The Morality Police


The Christian Brain, Part 2

But I believe that the biggest difficulty of walking with Christ is the part about speaking the truth in love. Sometimes, it’s hard to accept the truth when the world believes the it’s idiotic or even destructive. And when I finally dare to utter it, the truth tends to come across as offensive and “in your face” because I have delivered it in anger or self-defense rather than love. … More The Christian Brain, Part 2