Friends Forever

Scripture reminds us that just like iron sharpening iron, one man or woman sharpens another. When my friends spend time with me, I want their spiritual edges to be sharper; not soft and dull. So I look for ways to motivate them toward the cross. … More Friends Forever


Don’t Write a Hollywood Ending

When someone mentions a “Hollywood Ending,” we typically think of two people who overcome all their relationship problems and then ride off into a red and gold sunset together… forever. In real life, that’s not how it works in Hollywood, is it? To the contrary, lasting marriages in Hollywood are as rare as the Hope Diamond. … More Don’t Write a Hollywood Ending

The Plastic Version

Gavin DeGraw’s new CD has a great song called “Candy” built around a refrain that’s almost biblical.  “We have our lives to bear/ Our bags to burden/ But we just buy and we wear/ The plastic version of/ Love, hope, understanding./But we can’t survive on candy.”  The more we center our relationships around social media … More The Plastic Version