Will We be Judged in Heaven?

There are church people, some of whom I respect, who believe that God’s forgiveness has an expiration date. They are convinced that people who turn to Jesus Christ in faith and repentance are instantly forgiven of all their sins. But once those saints arrive in Heaven, we’re told that everything changes. Their sins are back on the agenda and every new arrival must appear before an angry judge who has a tape recorder in his hand! … More Will We be Judged in Heaven?


Latter Day Saints & Present Day Politics

Some Christians are so eager to support Mitt Romney that they’d like to adopt him as well. What I mean is, some godly Americans believe they can only elect Christians to political office, so they’re wondering, “Mormons are actually Christians, aren’t they?” … More Latter Day Saints & Present Day Politics

Sexual Positions

One could argue that the future of the American Church is not being written in black and white anymore. Indeed, the ministry narrative of the future will be written with fat, colorful marker pens and the storyline will feature the teenager who is dropped off for Bible Study every Sunday by his lesbian Mom and his transgender Dad. How do you help a kid like this? … More Sexual Positions

Friends Forever

Scripture reminds us that just like iron sharpening iron, one man or woman sharpens another. When my friends spend time with me, I want their spiritual edges to be sharper; not soft and dull. So I look for ways to motivate them toward the cross. … More Friends Forever