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What Happens in Heaven

Last week, I shared the scriptural truth about what happens when saints arrive in Heaven.  Though some folks misquote 2 Corinthians 5:10 and insist that we must all be confronted with our sins at the judgment seat of God, that’s not what the Bible actually says.  Instead, the Greek language is clear that Paul has the awards ceremonies of the Greek Games in mind.  We will all stand before God’s platform in Heaven where the impact of our ministry will be evaluated.  What did we do that resulted in lasting fruit?  What did we do that was simply wasted?  A prize will be awarded to every saint who has sacrificed, made a difference, and brought glory to God.

Paul has the very same scene in mind in 2 Timothy 5:8, when he writes, “And now the prize awaits me- the crown which the Lord, the righteous judge, will give me on the day of his return.”  The Apostle isn’t worried about being confronted with his sins and shame once again when he arrives in Heaven.  Instead, he’s looking forward to sharing in a grand awards ceremony with all the saints of all the ages.

A friend has asked, “But what about 1 Corinthians 3:9-15?  Paul is writing to Christians and he clearly teaches our works will be tried by fire, right?”  Of course, that’s the point.  Our performance of ministry will be evaluated.  Some things we’ve done won’t endure. Other things we’ve done are priceless and timeless.  The eternally significant sacrifices will be rewarded.  But this has nothing to do with sin, condemnation or being rebuked.  It’s all about the Lord God judging our performance at the Finish Line of life.  Verse 8 in that context is clear: each Christian servant will receive his own reward for his labor.

Have you ever experienced one of those awful moments when your life flashes before your eyes?  Years ago, my Jeep hydroplaned as I was driving one rainy day.  Within seconds, my vehicle was rocketing out of control, sliding across the median and into lanes of incoming traffic.  As the automobile spun, I literally experienced my life rushing through my mind.  Everything was in slow motion! Even as I watched my hands gripping the steering wheel, I saw images from childhood and teen-aged years.  Happily, no other vehicles struck mine, and the Jeep finally came to rest atop a fence by the highway.  Later I learned others have had similar experiences.

Why is it so common when we are in peril of death to experience that sensation- life flashing before our eyes?  And why is so much space in the human brain set aside for stored memories which are otherwise irretrievable?  I believe this is God’s mechanism for preparing us for Eternity.  At the moment of my death, I will suddenly have the opportunity to review my life one more time.  Instantly and perhaps in slo-mo, I can relive all those moments of my life when I refused God, turned from his plan, refused to accept him, hurt other people, and lived for my self.  All my sins and transgressions are apparently stored there along with everything else, all waiting the day of my departure from the Earth.

I believe the purpose is this: at the time of my death, I will quickly be able to evaluate my whole life; the race I’ve run.  In doing so, I will be reminded of the fact that I never deserved Heaven.  Not only did I never do anything to earn it, but my life is littered with corruption that should disqualify me altogether.  Only because of Jesus will I arrive on those splendid shores.  Only through his death and resurrection will my sinful eyes ever behold the Kingdom of Heaven.  Only through his pierced and resurrected hands and feet will my sorry soles ever tread the streets of that Eternal Kingdom.  So when I finally stand at those golden gates, all my sins and transgressions fresh in my mind, I will have no trouble falling down on my knees and pouring out my gratitude to the Lamb of God.  Psalm 100 reminds us we must “enter into His gates with thanksgiving;  his courts with praise.”

God really does have a tape recorder with all the disgusting moments of my life safely preserved.  But the Lord will never replay that tape.  All my sins have been removed as far from his mind as the East is from the West.  In the privacy of my own mind, I will be able to rapidly replay my life one last time.  And I will tearfully confess once again that Jesus Christ is Lord.  And I will thank Him through all Eternity.

Lift up the Cross!


Lost in Space

Christians carry on the goofiest conversations about Heaven.  Just think about  it: we are convinced that there is a utopian paradise where people who love God will live forever.  We say we believe something as exciting and mind-bending as that, and then we make these outrageous and uninformed comments.  We believe in a real place where God reigns for all eternity, and then we become utterly lost in space.   We say things like:

  • “Will we have pets in Heaven?  If my dog can’t be there, I could never be happy.”
  • “I think I’ll get bored sitting around playing a harp all day!  There will surely be sports and games in Heaven, won’t there?”
  • “You know there will be sex in Heaven!  How could we ever be happy without being married and having sex?”
  • “I hope Heaven looks like a painting by Thomas Kinkeade!  Wouldn’t it be amazing to live in a place like that?”
  • “Do you think we’ll all have mansions?  Do you really believe the streets are paved with gold?”

Even as we affirm the existence of Heaven, we utterly miss the point!  The most important thing about Heaven is that God is there in all his glory, in all his fulness.  We will be in God’s presence, seeing him face to face, for all the ages to come and beyond!  We will see more of his power, understand more of his character, experience more in worship than we ever have before.  Who cares whether the streets are 28kt gold or just 14kt?  Why would I quibble about being asked to play a harp or an oboe?  What’s the difference if we eat pomegranates or T-bone steaks brushed with white chocolate?  The Almighty God is there and people who love him get to live there in paradise forever!

Sunday morning in Bible Study, I reminded a good friend of mine that he and his wife have lived in 10 different cities over the course of his career.  They really enjoyed some of those cities and didn’t care at all for a couple.  But they were happy in all those places.  My friend’s wife never quibbled about the variety of restaurants or the standard of living or even the crime rate in any of those places before moving there.  She cheerfully relocated to every single city and enjoyed being there because she could be with the love of her life; and he would be with her.  Everything else was inconsequential compared to being with the one you love most.

In Heaven we will get to be with God in all his glory.  That’s the point.  That’s why godly martyrs in every age have gladly exchanged life here for life eternal there!  It’s about God, not the paving materials used for highways.  If I inherit a mansion or a shack in the woods, I couldn’t care less.  If I am asked to be a worship leader or a spiritual garbage collector, it doesn’t matter.  If there’s chocolate there, I will smile; but if sugary foods are prohibited in Heaven, I’ll be happy all the same.  Because after all these years of loving God through a glass darkly,  I will finally see him face to face… forever.

That’s why Heaven is special.  Never lose sight of who really makes that Kingdom truly unique.

And lift up the Cross!

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