Bigger than the Bang!

There’s a very basic reason why most Americans and many scientists remain so skeptical of the current theories of our origins. While some would love to blame all those doubts and reservations on “ignorant, superstitious religion,” the fact is that even in a world with no Christianity, this particular question would still present nagging problems. That obvious question that any child could pose is this: “Where did the first Thing come from?” … More Bigger than the Bang!


Hot! Hot! Hot!

If the USA is superior at all, it’s simply because we’re just two decades behind! We are quickly following in the footsteps that have led Europe to decline and despair. Morals are destructive. Marriage is obsolete. Gay is good. Sex is a toy. Drugs are good for everything. Hard work is to be avoided. The Christian Faith is superstition. Rules are made to be broken by the truly intelligent. … More Hot! Hot! Hot!