Lost in Space

What’s the difference if we eat pomegranates or T-bone steaks brushed with white chocolate? The Almighty God is there and people who love him get to live there in paradise forever! … More Lost in Space


Love or Addiction?

Encouraging bad behavior in other adults is not about compassion. It’s about settling the illusion of “power” in another adult’s life. It’s about trying to ensure that I won’t eventually be all alone. … More Love or Addiction?

Sing it, Aretha!

Respect means I can enjoy the fact that a friend has different opinions or different habits than I do. On occasion, I can make attempts to gently persuade you or help you see the others side, but those attempts cannot be constant. And I must never behave as though my friend differs only because she’s stupid. … More Sing it, Aretha!

The Plastic Version

Gavin DeGraw’s new CD has a great song called “Candy” built around a refrain that’s almost biblical.  “We have our lives to bear/ Our bags to burden/ But we just buy and we wear/ The plastic version of/ Love, hope, understanding./But we can’t survive on candy.”  The more we center our relationships around social media … More The Plastic Version

The Christian Brain, Part 2

But I believe that the biggest difficulty of walking with Christ is the part about speaking the truth in love. Sometimes, it’s hard to accept the truth when the world believes the it’s idiotic or even destructive. And when I finally dare to utter it, the truth tends to come across as offensive and “in your face” because I have delivered it in anger or self-defense rather than love. … More The Christian Brain, Part 2