The Tick Tock of Eternity

Clocks remind us that human beings began to make progress when we discovered how to synchronize our lives with something bigger and more stable than a human life on the Planet Earth. By adjusting our lives according to the larger standards of the solar system, we imported new order and unity into our lives as inviduals and communities. … More The Tick Tock of Eternity


Making Love

Diamonds are valued because they are so costly to acquire. Movie theater popcorn is appealing because we can’t have it every day. But in 21st Century America, sex is as casual as sneezing and as common as biology. … More Making Love

The Tree of Life

The very first book of the Bible opens with an image of that mysterious tree standing majestically in the Garden of Eden in Genesis 3. After the Fall, it fades from view as Adam and Eve are evicted from Eden lest they eat from the Tree and live forever in their corrupted condition. The Tree of Life turns up again only at the very end of the Bible. Revelation 22 describes it standing alongside the River of Life, bearing 12 kinds of fruit year round. In fact, if you read the chapter carefully, it seems the tree has multiplied and produced an orchard of life.

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