Why Millennials are Smarter than Boomers

As an active member of the Baby Boomer Generation, I often find myself arguing that most Millennials are not slackers (or hippies, just in case anyone remembers those psychedelic¬†snowflakes from the Boomer years.) ¬†Not only that, I think they’re making smarter choices than those of us in my generation did. We need to stop slamming … More Why Millennials are Smarter than Boomers

God Likes Millennials

Millennials are truly the generation that gets no respect.  Everyone seems to agree they are entitled, cynical, and obsessed with their image on social media.  What’s more, they do strange things with their hair, run away from commitment, and are confused about sexual ethics. (They also like selfies too much, but don’t pretend you don’t.) So I … More God Likes Millennials