Lost Boys

Peter Pan is not a selfless hero in the book that inspired the movies and the musical.  In the pages of James M. Barrie’s novel, Peter is generally a brat, inconsiderate of others and obsessed with his own whims and amusements.  His interest in Wendy, for example, is never romantic; mostly just his need for … More Lost Boys

Good to be Small Again

Is it “body shaming” to suggest we’re all too large and would be happier if we were much, much smaller?  Matt Damon’s upcoming movie, Downsizing, is a comedy about people who allow themselves to be miniaturized so their income will go much farther and their dreams will be affordable.  The story apparently presses all the … More Good to be Small Again

This Crazy World: 3 Things Your Kids Need to Know

It’s confusing enough to be a grownup in America 2015.  You’ve got TV interviews with a successful male Olympian explaining his plan to be surgically altered; to become a woman even though he is still attracted to women deep within his psyche.  Elsewhere, the US Supreme Court debates whether or not the fathers of the … More This Crazy World: 3 Things Your Kids Need to Know