He’s Guilty: #MeToo

Moral superiority is not a virtue, at least not in the church.  It’s an ugly attitude, uglier still when it’s used as a weapon to destroy fellow human beings.  Roman pagans killed first century saints for getting the wrong religion.  Nazis did it to European Jews for getting the wrong DNA.  Klan members did it … More He’s Guilty: #MeToo

Does God Gamble?

Gambling is not even a possibility for God: he already knows the outcome of every competition, the answer to every question. But there is a moment in the Bible when God makes a bet with the Devil!  It’s found in the most ancient book of the Bible when Satan taunts the Almighty and questions the … More Does God Gamble?

Night of 1000 Fears

Bonhoeffer described it as “this fog spreading over everything, this sense that there is no way out.”  He was speaking of fear, the chill paralysis visibly stretching its tentacles through the churches of Germany as the Nazi menace continued to build. Alas, it seems that fog has come creeping in again, but this time it’s … More Night of 1000 Fears

Prayer is a B_ _ch

The strangest thing: no one has ever asked me, “Pastor, could you please teach me how to pray?”  That’s crazy because I’m frequently asked to teach people how to study the Bible, how to share their faith, how to fast, how to prepare a sermon, even how to find their spiritual gifts.  Despite the fact … More Prayer is a B_ _ch