Scientifically, We’re Not Here

Most of us can’t even pronounce 700,000,000,000,000,000,000, much less count there.  For people who aren’t math geniuses, it’s 700 Quintillion.  According to recent research in Sweden, that’s the number of planets in the cosmos.  But the scientific team learned something else from their epic research project: amid those 700 quintillion planets, the Earth is one … More Scientifically, We’re Not Here

Resistance Thinking

The sudden demand for transgender bathrooms and locker rooms took most of us by surprise.  We had seen the movement for same-sex marriage advancing year by year for more than a decade, but who knew transgender confusion and gender dysphoria had gone viral? That’s why most of us in the church are still left speechless when … More Resistance Thinking

Creationists in Denial

You’ve heard the myth that most Americans are practicing agnostics, and they’re more hostile to the Gospel than ever.  The  hostility part may be true in the Middle East where terrorists are committing genocide against the church.  It may be valid in India where Hindus burned a group of Christians alive last week.  Not here. … More Creationists in Denial

Born Naked

Adam and Eve began their lives naked and unashamed because that’s how they were created.  God invented the miracle of DNA,  the symphony of starry heavens, the splendor of  tropical rain forests; it was people who invented clothing. And they did it because they were ashamed, not because they were cold. When A&E were standing … More Born Naked

Creature Comforts

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes constructs a world where a thriving population of apes and a decimated community of human beings find themselves locked in mortal combat.  Caesar and his simian friends want their forest safe and undisturbed by human activity, but an emerging population of people needs to refit an abandoned hydroelectric … More Creature Comforts