Hollywood Hates Women

Sleeping Couple

The feminist complaint is that society has always favored men; that history is male; and that the moment has come for women to demand what they want.  The sad, irony is that women are being shafted by the culture once again… and they’re cooperating in the crime.

Pop culture continues its enduring tradition of encouraging casual sex and dismissing marriage as a relic of the past.  (Strangely, matrimony is an important opportunity for gay people, but seemingly a death sentence for women!)  In fact, this entire liberated equation advances the fantasies of the male ego and pours cold water on the dreams of women!  The puppet masters of Hollywood and the moguls of the music industry know this, but they continue to promote attitudes that harm women even as they shed crocodile tears over sexism and abuse. Faux feminism pays big dividends.

In the culture at large, men generally want sex while women more commonly value authentic relationship and an eventual path to marriage and family.  This is not shocking: the womb is a powerful and uniquely female asset.  For centuries, societies have relied upon practical young women to civilize randy young men.  When a woman said “Yes” to a man proposing marriage, it was a winning proposition for both of them.  Today’s cohabitation culture is ideal for lusty males who get free sex and even laundry services while the young women mostly get a status update on Facebook (In a Relationship)… and promises.

Women have changed, but not that much.  The Pew Foundation documents that over a recent 15 year period, the share of young women who said a successful marriage is one of life’s most important goals rose to 37%, an increase of 30% over the time period.  By contrast, the share of young males valuing healthy marriage as very important declined to 28%.  Author  Jordan Peterson notes that among never-married adults (ages 30 – 59) men are three times more likely than women to indicate they never want to marry! (That’s actually more than 1 in 4 young males.)

Headlines warn of an epidemic of rape on university campuses.  This is what was feared twenty years ago when coed dormitory living became mainstream across the USA.  Neither young women nor their parents stood up in protest when the change came with no explanations.  Everyone quietly succumbed in the name of sophistication. Most college males welcomed this as a new sexual Wonderland.

Today professional women are speaking out about being propositioned, pressured, and touched inappropriately in the workplace.  That’s always been a temptation for lecherous males, but a generation ago there was a quick solution: a lady gasped audibly or delivered a look that could kill, or even slapped a jerk like that and walked away.  Today, women have surrendered to the cultural rip-off that sex is just a form of recreation, not a sacred act for building intimacy in marriage.  To make a scene in the office would seem pathetically Victorian!

Sadly, improving returning our nation to sexual sanity and responsible living will not be a quick fix.  There is quite a bit of hope for Generation Z: they’ve seen too much too soon and are turned off.)  But in the meantime, strong young women can advance their own agenda and hang on to their self-respect with a simple but powerful word: “No.”

  • No, I will not throw away my dreams and shack up with you.
  • No, I will not troll for scumbags on hook-up sites like Tinder.
  • No, I will not sit here in your office and listen to dirty jokes and salacious conversation.
  • No, I’m not that kind of woman.

Parents and respected adults could help by taking an open and consistent stand for marriage and civilized relationships, even when eyes roll and you sound like a Neanderthal.  The ancient wisdom still resonates in a world where political correctness victimizes and abuses women.  Virtue and self-control need a few champions.

Paul saw the same corruption in the 1st Century capitals of the world, but he dared speak the truth in love. “Run from sexual sin! No other sin so clearly affects the body as this one does. For sexual immorality is a sin against your own body.” 1 Corinthians 6:19

Lift up the Cross!


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