Sexual Suicide

Sexual DifferencesHave you noticed that diversity must always be celebrated in our popular culture- except when it comes to the diversity between men and women?  The benefits of multiculturalism are tirelessly hyped as a huge asset- but not when the cultural contrasts are male and female.  When it comes to sexual differences, they’re never considered important except for the fact that women are more enlightened than men.  Mention masculinity, and suddenly diversity and even tolerance can be thrown out the window!  Can we talk?

It’s impossible to have fair and honest conversation about the sexes in the USA today.  That would require a respectful discussion of science, history, and real-life experience.  It would demand that we set aside slogans and political agendas long enough to consider the facts.

For example, scientists have documented that men and women are very different kinds of human beings, biologically and psychologically.  There is no scholarly debate here: male and female brains actually develop differently in the womb.  Men and women are born with brains that are structurally different: gray matter, white matter, and neurochemicals differ dramatically according to gender!  Men have more neurons, but women have more connectors between those bundles. It’s fair to say we’re all equal.  It’s completely dishonest to say we’re just alike except for cultural conditioning and the way we were raised. (1)

Women not only give birth but are able to feed their infants from their own womanly reserves.  Wow! Guys can’t do that!  Meanwhile, the male body is typically 10 – 15% larger and structurally affords greater body strength than the female anatomy.  The male brain is typically larger and connects the spheres in different patterns from the smaller, more integrated female brain.  None of this means one sex is superior or more advanced, but it does mean we are very different creatures.  No one’s civil rights are threatened by the conclusion that it appears we were designed with different purposes in mind.

The real liability of political correctness is not that it’s annoying.  Life is full of little irritations.  Rather, PC dialogue is dangerous because it suppresses the facts in favor of fleeting political ideals the cultural elites wish to advance.  It’s suicidal because it demands that we build our lives- or our nation if you will– on a weak foundation that will eventually collapse the first time reality comes crashing in.

A large percentage of Americans have rational questions that are never asked lest they experience insults, public shaming, and discrimination at work.  But these are honest questions:

  • If we truly value women, why do we encourage them to shack up with distracted young men who simply want sex without responsibility?  Why not affirm that every young woman is such a priceless treasure that she should demand that a man be willing to die for her in order to win her commitment to share her life with him?
  • In this scientific age, why do we deny our own biology?  Why do we insist that men must conceal their own masculinity?  Why do we minimize the unique power of a woman to give life and nurture a child from her own body?
  • If gender dysphoria requires surgery and drug therapy, why is it not an illness? And if it’s an illness, why do we celebrate it as a moral victory rather than merely being kind and understanding as we are with friends who are diagnosed with cancer? (2)
  • Why does our government discourage smoking but promote homosexual behavior?  Yes, cigarettes can cause lung cancer.  But homosexual men are at notably increased risk for a variety of deadly health issues ranging from anal cancer and HIV to alcoholism, depression, and suicide.  On average, the life expectancy of an actively gay man is 8 – 20 years less than for men in general. In a libertarian society where each individual is free to lead the life he chooses, why publicly applaud a lifestyle at least as deadly as smoking? (3)

I believe questions like these are so urgent and important, I’m going to set aside some time to explore them and discover how faith responds to a liberated, but self-destructive society here in the 21st Century.  If this sounds as vital to you as it does to me, feel free to post feedback, raise questions, and follow along here for a while.

And lift up the Cross!


3 thoughts on “Sexual Suicide

  1. Great questions, that nobody wants to raise, much less discuss. Worse, the “enlightened left” not only refuses to engage in dialogue on these, they shout down, name-call, and attack/destroy those who try. There’s no reasoning with ideologues.

  2. Sadly, you may be right. But if one-third of Americans are committed to sexual suicide and another one-third see it our way, we could make progress simly by influencing the one-third still drifting in the middle. That’s my prayer. Thanks for the great feedback!

  3. This is very true. Some does discuss these kinds of topics, yet it never goes through without explicitly expressing hate and insults, and then turns out to be an argument based ‘feelings’ and not ‘reasonings’. I’m glad this is openly discussed here. I believe this needs to be addressed.

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