A Magical Mystery Tour of the Bible


It’s the most-high tech museum in the world, and it’s all about the Bible!  You don’t often mention “cutting edge” and “Christian” in the same sentence, right? But the two ideas finally join hands at the brand new Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C.  Delegations from the Louvre Museum in Paris and the Smithsonian in D.C. have already come calling.  They all went away proclaiming this is the museum of the future!

During a preview visit two weeks ago, workmen were still crawling under displays and preparing for the grand opening.  Some exhibits weren’t even in operation yet.  But nothing distracted from the power and character of God made so evident in the miraculous book we call The Holy Bible.  The design team has accomplished the seemingly impossible: both scholars and school children will find this place absolutely amazing!

Our trip through “Stories of the Old Testament” must have lasted twenty minutes, but it felt like five.  Yes, it’s built around world-class video that compares with the best of Hollywood.  But it also incorporates sculpture, theatrical lighting, and high-tech experiences that take your breath away.  Seriously, I will never forget approaching the burning bush with Moses. 

You can walk with your family through a village like the ones Jesus would have visited.  Kitchens and farm tools and a carpentry shop recapture the flavor and details of 1st Century Bethlehem.

There is a glass and chrome dining table, actually a giant HD video screen, where you can sit with your family and experience an authentic Passover Seder.  Seated there, video and sound allow you to join one family celebrating a daughter’s graduation with prayer and thanksgiving; another family praying together before dinner.  It’s amazing!  They are teaching young families how to pray together.

One entire floor features priceless scrolls, parchments, and fragments of historic scriptures.  A large share of the second floor illustrates the Bible’s unprecedented cultural and historical impact upon on the world and the USA.  Not open yet but very appealing to me was an amusement park style ride through the Bible, perhaps in a Jeep.  I can’t wait to go back and try it.

In a culture that generally mocks and dismisses the Bible when not otherwise ignoring it, the Museum of the Bible is an explosion of light and wonder!  The exhibits are not designed to evangelize, and there’s not a “decision room” where counselors wait with cards and pencils. Rather, the people who envisioned this museum wanted to let the Bible speak for itself.  When you visit, you’ll realize God’s Word may be even more captivating and inspiring than you thought.  No wonder it continues to inform and transform the world.  You’ll be reminded why this Word of God never returns without accomplishing the purpose for which He intended.

Go ahead and make your reservations to visit the most powerful museum in our nation’s capital- or anywhere. (Passes for this summer will go quickly!)  And lift up the Cross!


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