4 thoughts on “Mass Shootings Mean Something

  1. May God Bless and keep the survivors and the families of all who died firmly in the palm of his hand. Thank you for what you have written, I am not sure I can agree with all of it but I will reread and meditate on what you have said and pray for understanding. America Bless God so that God will Bless America!

  2. “God takes pleasure in the death of no one” and as is always the case, all God needs do is nothing. If God does nothing we parish. If God acts it is always Good. This is why we pray, we ask God to act on our behalf. This tragic shooting is not something God has anything to do with, expect to say His angels act on our behalf in order to save some. We pray to God and ask for mercy, we ask God and He sends His angels to comfort those affected by evil while good men exercise faith in the powers that protect them.

  3. Here’s an idea……GUN CONTROL. It worked like a charm in Australia! Big gun massacre – we banned guns. No more gun massacres!

    1. Hey Jac, thanks for the feedback. Gun control would not likely be as successful here. Even if the sale of guns could be banned tomorrow, it is estimated there are already 300 million firearms in the USA today. It would be impossible for our limited federal government to somehow control those weapons; very easy for obsessive lawbreakers to steal a few of them. There must be answers, but they aren’t easy ones. Thanks again for writing.

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