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When 22 people died outside a concert hall in Manchester, England, the media coverage was wall to wall.  The cry went up that something must be done! Journalists followed the investigation.  Press briefings were scheduled regularly. With broken hearts, we pored over color photographs of the victims, many of them only children, and we listened to bystanders describe their horror.  The world grieved as the story unfolded for a week.

Five days later, 29 Christians in Egypt died when terrorists attacked their bus. Forty-two others were seriously injured and the assassins got away.  That story vanished in less than 48 hours.  No color photos.  No interviews with authorities. No tragic details.

Here’s what you probably never heard.  The Christian group of parents, grandparents, and children were traveling in two buses to pray at a monastery. Their vehicles were stopped by terrorists outside the town of Minya.  After the buses were surrounded by killers, passengers on one of the buses were forced to exit the bus one by one.  As each reached the door to face masked gunmen, they were asked, “Are you Muslim?” None of them were. Each was then given a chance to renounce Jesus Christ and convert to Islam.

As each passenger confessed Christ and refused to convert, he was dragged a few feet away to be killed by either a shot in the head or a slit throat.  One at a time, nineteen adults, and ten children were ordered to become Muslims or die.  One by one they were instantly murdered.  The criminals then fired on the group in the second bus, injuring 42, before speeding away to safety.

Why are tragedies like the one in Manchester more interesting or important than massacres like the one in Minya, Egypt?  I suppose it could be racism.  Or maybe we only care about tragedies that involve celebrities and beautiful people.  But I seriously believe two reasons are more likely.

The media run away from Christian martyrs because they are a powerful witness to the Christian faith.  When random concert-goers fall prey to terror, in the wrong place at the wrong time, it makes the rest of us feel sad but lucky.  But when Christians die because they refuse to renounce their faith, it speaks to the power and the freedom ordinary people discover in Christ.  No sane person willingly dies for something he knows is a lie. Historically, seeing the deaths of Christian martyrs has inspired others to follow the Savior as well.  The secular media wants no part of anything like that!  So a vague headline about people dying in a bus attack manages to cover the bad news without accentuating the Good News.

Christians in America turn their backs as well because stories about martyrs in other lands reflect poorly on the quality our faith here in the West.  In persecution lands, believers risk their lives and the safety of their children to attend worship services and even public prayer times. They worship Christ in the open, fully aware that churches and Christian gatherings are soft targets. But in the Land of the Free, we casually skip worship on Sundays to take our kids to soccer practice or recover from a mild headache.  Just imagine, if youth sports leagues existed in Minya, Egypt, those unfortunate children could have saved their lives by skipping church and going to play soccer instead!

In America, churches report that “regular worship attendance” is now defined as twice a month.  Think about it: when worshipers in Egypt and China become as committed to Christ as we are, the rate of martyrdom could be slashed by half!

The most difficult question facing the American church today is not “Why do bad things happen to good people?”  We already know the answer to that question: character, faith and the purposes of God.  The harder question is this one: What is a Christian, anyway?

Jesus said no one can come after him without first being willing to deny self, pick up a cross, and follow.  In the religious ghetto of American life, that particular Bible verse is just about as welcome as stories of Egyptian children who are willing to die violently before disappointing Jesus.

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  1. I don’t think the comment that American Christians think martyrdom is a poor reflection on Christianity. We all know the Bible says a time will come when there number is complete and Father God will send His Son to avenge them all. And God will be of no help to those who have killed them Vengeance is mine saith the Lord because he knows no country no government will ever stop this only the return of Jesus himself.

    1. Thanks, Julie. You’re right, of course. My suggestion is that many of us think the deaths of martyrs reflect badly on the quality of our personal faith: we are not as fearless or holy as folks who die for the Kingdom. Thanks for giving me a chance to clarify that. As you suggest, martyrs bring only glory to Christ. Shalom!

    2. Is it really good to go the media don’t report the deaths of Christians and then you only report the deaths of Christians? How about you take your own advice and report the deaths of muslims and atheists alike?

      1. Hmmmmm… But I’m not part of the media or even a journalist. I’m just a point of view blogger. Thanks, Theresa, for your feedback.

      2. One point of the article was to say that when groups of people who aren’t identified as Christians are mass murdered the media is all over reporting that. We heard all about it when Syria used chemical weapons on its people.

        But when it’s a group of Christians who refuse to renounce Christ being murdered, barely a blip shows up in the media.

      3. When any media group reports something, don’t think it is unbiased. All of us have a world view. The employers of each media group have a certain political view that reports according to that view or can lose their jobs. The majority of media here in America is left-wing and secular, so reports according to that view. Therefore, you have an anti-Christian and liberal view that is presented. If you go to Christian media, you have the opposite view. In order to get the real truth you must be living in the area that is being talked about. There are lies on both sides because, even though we think that the media here is not controlled by the government, it actually is. I don’t even like saying these things about my country, but I’ve seen it first hand. American media tends to protect it’s own interests and not tell the people the whole truth. Ignorance,oil, and financial interests are the main reasons. If you don’t live in countries other than America, you can’t really know what is going on unless you know someone there, and even then, the government there can block communications.
        Reporters just read what is on the tele-prompter and is heavily edited by whoever is in control. This is the reality.

      4. Sigh… it’s often true. But sometimes hard working journalists try to push a particular story only to be overruled by their editors and management team.

      5. Teresa, this article isn’t a newspiece on the nightly news, it’s a blog post on a specific topic.

      6. Of course Muslims killing muslims, Christians, jews. Its all about power as far as Muslims concerned. They are 1 billion in world. They want to take over West. Why? They say cause of West’s lack of morals. Well yeah, west guilty. But what about their stoning women who have been raped? Good grief sensitive baby college students. Get out .of colleges who stifle opinionz. Get out of groups who stifle opinions, else you will be as stupid and unAmerican as they are

      7. If you don’t believe that the media is EXTREMELY bias in reporting horror imposed by people who practice radical Islam upon Christians living among them, then you are not very honest. It’s also not the job of a blogger (generally speaking) to report the news. Most of the time bloggers (to the left or right) critique the news and the news cycle. It’s an opinion driven business basically.

      8. Well, yeah. If the media are not reporting deaths of Muslims and Atheists, too, and you are concerned about that bias, why don’t you get Muslims and Atheists together to protest the media and insist that they report events where Muslims and Atheists are being killed, by whom, and the reasons they give whether it is a reason of fanaticism from a different religion or whether it’s being done by the same group? The rest of us would like to know, too, ,who is killing Muslims and who is killing Atheists and why, and what might be done to help quell that storm as well.

        We have every right to be very, very upset that the murdering of Christians is being kept silent in much of the media if in fact it is. And if that is happening to Muslims and Atheists, they have a right to insist that this be known, too.

      9. Theresa, the author is a Christian. He is for Christianity. Go to a Muslim blog site, and ask them to defend/promote Christianity.

    3. So true. I think the writer was in a way showing the dedication that Christians here have and the freedom we have to serve Christ without putting ourselves and out children’s lives in danger. There will truly never be peace until evil no longer exist. When Christ returns and Satan is bound up for the meconium. But we should really intercede for our brothers and sisters in Muslim countries as they risk their live daily. There may come a day here when we are persecuted more seriously. Then the present. I have much admiration for those who did a viscous death for their faith. I hav a feeling there would be fewer so-called Christians here if our devotion to Christ would put our precious children life as well as our own at stake. May God bless you and anyone else who reads this. Shalom,,,,,,,

    1. You say the media, actually the current media is the zeitgeist, and as such they are drunk with the wine of debauchery as is the whole world is set on fire. So it is no surprise that they avoid martyrdom like a demon avoids the Christ. Its that bad. They seek to change perceptions. Like t2gospel rightly says their deaths are having an impact on the saints

      ” those among the people who are wise shall make many understand, though they shall fall by sword and flame, by captivity and plunder, for some days.When they fall, they shall receive a little help.”

  2. Can we get your sources and fact check this story? As amazing as it is, you have nothing to back it up with right now. I want to believe it’s true, it is a fantastic witness.


  3. I’ve never really viewed these events as “American Churches vs. Rest of the World” or what have you. Better comparisons would be Smyrna and Philadelphia vs Sardis and Laodicea. These types of Churches have no borders or Nationalities.

    1. You make a great point, Keith. There is literally no organization called “the American church” or “the Egyptians church.” I drew that broad comparison to inspire a bit of soul searching in the hearts of my countrymen who are believers. Thanks for the great feedback.

  4. I fail to understand one thing and forgive my ignorance. Why would the bus driver even stop? Just keep driving. Knowing you are going to be killed, why even exit the bus? I am appalled at the terrorist activity, but even more confused that someone would not put up a fight. Could someone explain?

    1. The two buses were intercepted by ten well-armed terrorists traveling in three SUV’s. It appears the buses were forced off the road and then surrounded by the attackers. The passengers were not armed. That’s my best shot. Thanks for your thoughts, Cindala.

    2. In The New York Times article, it said the terrorists posed as security. I took that to mean security guards at a checkpoint..very common in some countries. Bus drivers would have to stop.

    3. Having lived in Egypt from 2004-2008, it is not uncommon for a ‘group of security guards’ to have a blockade in the middle of the road blocking the flow of traffic both ways. They are there to ensure a sense of security, check paperwork and verify you are to be there properly. They were used extensively to issue tickets too. We know as we were constantly flagged for tickets even when we were no speeding.
      My heart goes out to all those that lost their lives. We here in America need to be reminded that we are in the age of persecution as our Christian brothers and sisters throughout the world are being persecuted. Don’t believe me? Check out The Voice of the Martyrs. Sadly, this is the third attack on our Coptic friends in Egypt. Many prayers!!!

  5. A dear friend and Forever Sister, who just retired from thirty years in the mission field in Africa, told me that our Forever Siblings, there, pray that we will know persecution so we can be on fire for Jesus. I know it’s a dangerous prayer, but I’m going to pray that our King does whatever it takes to wake up His Church in America. (Thanks for this, precious soul. I know I needed to hear it and be convicted.)

    1. Thank you sister, yes some of us that have been in other cultures, grew up under different circumstances, hold a worldview that is not mainstream, see movements and events unfolding that other might miss. One becomes complacent when no testing of our faith takes place that requires a yes or no answer, relating back to the article I often pray that I will have the courage of a “Daniel” pray, believe, surrender to the will of God in moments like these!

  6. Thank you so much for posting this.
    I’m ok with media’s lack coverage, but saddened by us Christians here not raising or making these issues know to all.

    1. I have thought the same thing. This the third recent attack on Christians in Egypt. The Voice of the Martyrs does give this info if you like to follow. Perhaps we don’t talk about it, because we do not feel comfortable talking about it, for a number of different reasons. It is not pleasant, we have to reflect on how we would act under such persecution, we can be be discouraged that persecution of Christians seems to be increasing. On the other hand in Nigeria and China the persecuted church is growing tremendously. So I say have your FULL armor of God in it’s best condition and always wearing it, and keeping praying for our brothers and sisters in Christ all around the world. I often pray that the Holy Spirit will intercede for me, not that I will not be persecuted, but that God’s glory would be known. I understood what t2gospel was saying about making this killing look like the Christians were stupid. As someone asked, why did they stop the bus. Because of there death we are having a conversation about our own relationship to God and the world. We do not know how many other ways God is being recognized today, as a result of this tragedy. I have a problem with Christian’s buying guns for protection. If these Christians had weapon’s what kind of witness would this incident have been. A shoot out that no side was innocent! To be vulnerable is not human nature. Yet that is what we are called to do in every level of our lives. In our weakness we are made strong by the power of Christ.

  7. I am so concerned that the American Church has been lulled to sleep believing we are beyond this. I pray that we too, when faced with denying our faith or death, will be able confidently prove that when we surrendered we surrendered all. GOD IS FAITHFUL!

    Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. Matthew 16:24

    I shared this and thank you.

  8. Though I agree with your observations, I would caution one phrase you use (and I’ve seen many other Christian writers use): “Nobody willingly dies for a lie”. Unfortunately, radical suicide boomers do just that; they die, willingly, for a lie and take many other with them. In using this as a rational for the effectiveness of a Christian witness, it can easily backfire giving credibility to the very terrorism we need to pray about.

    1. Thanks for an astute observation. It would indeed be more exact to say that no one willingly dies for something they know is a lie. I will correct it in the blog. Thanks for your help.

    2. Janice Perry. I have had the same troublesome thoughts as you have that “Nobody willingly dies for a lie.” Like you I have seen it in so many Christian writing. And, have thought as you did/do. Indeed, the radical suicide bombers do it all the time believing that they are pleasing God/Allah by doing so and will be rewarded for it. Very disturbing.

  9. What you are failing to remember is a 1000 years of white christian brutality that brought us to where we are today. Remember the Crusades? King Richard? Remember what white christians perpetrated in India, Africa, Pakistan, and many, many other countries? You’re doing it wrong, you must be this, dress like this, behave like this, work like this, and you will still be second best and the only reason you have to is that we want your resources for our own wealth. Personally I loath religion; anyone who needs a club to tell them how to behave with humility, dignity and honour has a far greater need than worship. Christians have spent many years sowing the seeds that are being reaped today, seeds sown with so much brutality and blood that we may never see the end of it.

    1. Hey Mistie, I’m sorry you’ve had a bad experience with religious people. Respectfully, I’d recommend some recent scholarship on the Crusades. God’s Battalions, (2009) is written by a scholarly historian named Rodney Stark. No one has credibly refuted his thesis that the Crusades have been wildly misinterpreted.

      As much as you loathe religion, surely you’d agree that it’s pretty barbaric to kill innocent women and children in 2017 for things that happened in a very different world more than 1,000 years ago.

      1. Barbaric. Perfect word for any autrocity done in the name of a “god”!!!!!

    2. Misty I agree with you. Not just Christians, all radicals. Crimes against humanity in the name of a faith? The whole thing is horrific and primitive.
      We have a long way to go in the evolution of mankind before we can say we are civilized.

      1. I would agree, but would add that crimes against humanity by unreligious Nazi’s and Soviet Communists were horrific and primitive as well.

    3. Every person has a world view they are dedicated to. Every person finds meaning and purpose in something. Even atheists hold some things to be true in their mind to the point of worship. It is not a question of if there is a God but which one. Religion of one sort or another is part and parcel of mandkind.

    4. Hi Mistie! I can definitely see and felt your point many times before developing a relationship with God. I’m a Christian who is outraged by the acts and individuals you reference. Much as many Muslims I’ve spoken with are outraged by the acts of terrorism and killings just like these. If you and I were to have a personal conversation (not on a blog) I’d go much deeper but I’d explain to you that those actions are not Christian acts. It’s a distorted view much like I believe those that lead terrorist groups, the Nazis, cults, etc have a very distorted view. And no individual be they Christian, Muslim, agnostic, or something else deserves to be murdered for the actions of a people 1,000 years ago.

      Please don’t look at these acts and these people who have hurt you and/or others as a reflection of Christ. Only the Bible can provide you with a true vision of Christ.

  10. Can American Christians do the same as these Coptic Christians? Will you still follow Christ when your life and the life of your children are threatened?
    Be really honest! Think about it. Are you really willing to lay down your life for the sake of Christ?

    1. What the Coptic Christians have endured in their hostile homelands for centuries is strangely unfamiliar to believers in the USA. Your very astute question is one I wanted to raise with this blog. Does our everyday spiritual conduct suggest we are prepared for violence and threats? Thanks for driving the point home.

    2. That’s the very question I see raised in your very thoughtful blog. Christians here are much too comfortable; believing, I think, that this will never happen here. I apologize for jumping just a bit off subject, but this is the very reason that I have issue with a pre-trib rapture. I think most Christians here, would prefer to believe that they will never face persecution…that we will all be raptured away before anything could happen to us. I look at these precious people, them and so many others, who are on fire for Christ, and yet they are being martyred almost daily now. This would imply that God’s mercy will fall only on us here in the US…that we’re somehow more special than those who give their lives for His namesake. I pray fervently that we will stand in the midst of persecution that is surely to come…the word tells us it will come. May your words convict the hearts of all who read them, and bring about a repentance and a steadfastness in our faith. Thank you and may God richly bless you.

      1. Thanks, Cat. However one interprets the Great Tribulation, there’s no doubt there’s some pretty heavy stuff already coming down and the saints in persecuted lands are seeing miracles every day. I recommend a book, The Insanity of God, by Nik Ripken. It will give you a jolt!

  11. THIS atrocity was a powerful witness to my GOD not religion. You can talk the talk, but few are sincerely FAITHFUL to the point of choosing . I’ve prayed daily for the ones I call those who worship in secret and in fear of discovery. These were MARTYRED for their Faith in GOD more honorably than any Muslim who gave their life for Allah. These FAITHFUL, like Stephen, have gone to be where I hope and pray to be one day, HEAVEN!

    1. It is unbelievable how this event in Minya, Egypt, continues to raise heartfelt questions around the globe. No wonder our word martyr is based on the Greek word for “those who testify.” Those precious saints in Minya have left a growing legacy for the Church. Thanks, Joy.

  12. Many Americans who claim to be Christians are shining example of everything that Christ was not. The Chinese Christians have been praying for the persecution of the American church for decades. Persecution purifies the church. We are so afraid that our comfortable lifestyles will be disturbed that we turn away refugees that are trying to escape oppressive regimes because one of them *might* be a terrorist. Where is our love and compassion? God is bringing the mission field right to us, and we want to turn them away. I am a Jesus follower, but I rarely use the word Christian to describe myself because it has come to mean uber-right-wing, warmongering, hate-filled bigots to secular society. I find that sad. My question is would those people be willing to die for a Christ they look nothing like?

    1. Sometimes I feel the same way. But I find it’s like other areas of life: one unkind remark or unpleasant experience can outweigh five positive ones. There are lots of godly people out there living generous lives, but a few cranks and jerks suck all the oxygen out of the room! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Leaving religion out of this totally. This is a horrific slaughter of people . Insane, horrific, horror of humans by humans. A disgrace to humanity !
    Neither faith can call themselves “faithful” !!
    All who commitment such acts are not of humanity , they are animals with no souls for lack of another word. Disgusts me to have read this.

  14. I am a Christian, and completely agree that media coverage of persecution of Christians is underwhelming and even deliberately oblivious. However, having read many similar and tragic accounts of attacks on churches and Christians in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, I see another, often unacknowledged reason these accounts are not covered in the same way as, say, the Manchester attack: they are not on “Western” soil. If the buses had been in the streets of London or Paris, I think we can be certain the coverage would also be wall to wall. As “westerners” we tend to identify most with those living in a culture more similar to our own, Christian or not. We also somewhat expect to hear of this type of persecution in “those” countries. We are not surprised to hear that Christians are attacked in Egypt, China, Iraq, or African countries. Even if unconsciously, we think “Welll, it happens all the time there. Nothing new.” I’m not condoning this attitude, just proposing another thoughtful answer to the question of “Why?”

  15. I’m a journalist and a Christian and I would personally cover these stories if I worked for a national media outlet instead of a local paper. I’m very encouraged to see that the Huffington Post and the Independent did cover these stories.

    Do you know where the picture at the top of your post comes from? I’m wondering if it comes from this incident or another as that appears to be a crucifixion, not the type of death that these articles mentioned.

      1. The link may have the story, but they are so self-serving that the site cuts you off after about 30 seconds if you don’t immediately subscribe. Not true compassion there. The divine principle is: what you have freely received, freely give. AND “come without money and without price and buy…”

      2. And thank you, dear brother, for your open handed and open-hearted dialog, and you understanding compassion and grace in responding to all these folks. It is all about the Grace of God, and you are demonstrating that with you patience and wisdom.

  16. I remember that in Fatima 1917 when the miracle was promised. It was covered by an American reporter who came to prove the children were frauds..
    This reporter along with 70,000 others saw the visions in the sky. Even St Joseph holding the
    Child Jesus was seen… the miracle of the sun.

    This reporter wrote all down in amazement… it made page 3 buried in the American newspaper behind
    The story about the World Series… tells you slit about what is important… the world is a sick place right now. We need God more than ever!

  17. I’d like to share this but without the graphic picture at the top. I’m not sure that image is even related to the executions noted in the blog? I don’t speak for everyone obviously, but for myself I can feel compassion and grief for brothers and sisters suffering persecution/martyrdom without a violently graphic picture of the act.

  18. As a Christian I wonder if it is a life or death scenario what if the Christians lied? Certainly not ideal but Peter denied christ three times and I would assume he is now in heaven isn’t he?

    1. Logical question. Throughout all of the suffering described in the Book of Revelation, Christ encourages the persecuted saints to be faithful unto death. (Revelation 2:10 for example) Throughout history, God has used the testimony of martyrs to have an impact that was not otherwise possible. The Minya saints honored God by refusing to compromise their faith, even for earthly safety.

      Thanks for raising a question lots of others have surely wondered about.

  19. I totally agree. I read the dory about the two buses in Egypt, but I read that they were bombed. Not staughtered. I am enraged.
    Those people need help.
    Out of 7 churches of God. God favors the church of Philidelphia. Is that in Eastern Asia? Maybe it is because of racism that the story wasn’t given acknowledgment it should have had. And the proper detailes. So, there were no bombs. They were murdered. They ARE IN God’s kingdom for keeping their faith. Such a horrific tragic story. My heart goes out to them and their families. I will pass this on.

  20. Here in America Christians may not go through the level of prosecution that the people over in Egypt have to but there have been incidents here on smaller scale a woman who was either in college or high school I can’t remember was approached and asked either do you believe in god or are you a Christian she said yes and was shot and killed thing like this need to be covered on the news that was over ten years ago

    1. High School. This story went around after the Columbine High School massacre. The high school girl’s name was Cassie Bernall. But there is controversy as to whether it actually happened because other students in the library say she did not reply.

  21. Good article. I’m not sure if you are aware of the content in the ads at the bottom of your post. Based on the content of your article, I don’t think that the Victoria’s Secret ads are what you are going for. Just wanted to make you aware.

  22. T2- thanks for sharing your heart and helping us be aware of these tragedies. I know we have the power of prayer to help brothers and sisters around the world. So we should be praying more. I really appreciate your inspiration and commitment to seeing Jesus lifted up and folks helped. I have to say that the last part of your article is definitely a poor attempt to guilt ppl into attending church. American society is changing, some for the good, some for the worst. I grew up in church, went to Bible school, and began to get very turned off by the “religiousness” of the church. I Love Jesus, His Word, Spirit are my life. So I attend church about once every 3 months. Why? I think the whole western church philosophy is WAY off! Trust me, I’ve been in Lutheran, Baptist, Pentacostal, and almost every version of church you can think of. Most recently I have to say that sums up this, almost every picture, movie etc about Jesus portrays Him as what color/ethnicity?…….White! Say What?!?!?The spiritual leaders of this so called Jesus Church are so spiritually inept and really missing the mark. It’s sad. There are very few pastors and teachers who really are sharing Jesus. Best to You on your journey of Truth. May He, The Giver of Truth Help us all to see.

    1. Sorry you had some bad experiences in different kinds of churches, bro. (I have heard some horror stories.) There really are some amazing, caring, Christ-centered churches around. And worshiping corporately as a part of the Body of Christ is a big deal in Scripture. No guilt intended. Thanks for your feedback. Shalom.

  23. Thanks for your post. You are right. We in America who call ourselves Christian are put to shame by the faith of the martyrs, no matter where. The fact that so many are willing to go one at a time to their death is a testament to the strength of their faith and the power of the Gospel of Jesus. Do you have any information on the death of the young man in the picture?

    1. Blessings, brother. A news story in Israel cites the crucifixion of that young man and several others as the work of the Islamic State Jihadists. The only comfort you can get is that he is with Jesus now.

      1. So sad all that’s going on our here today.Let us pray,Lord Jesus cover us in your blood and guide us direct us and protect us. Lord I ask a special hedge of protection over the Christians that r going out Thier to different countries to help others.Dear Lord I ask u to please send guardian angels round about them your speed Jesus.Hold them close to u Jesus.Empty us of us so that u can fill us with the Holy spirit and Lord Jesus hold tight the families of all those who lost loved ones.Because I know that these men and women and OMG these precious children that were on this bus I know that they r in heaven with u.Dear Lord we love u in Jesus mighty name amen and amen

  24. I’m confused by your claim that the story wasn’t covered well in the media and that the Christian factor wasn’t given mention. It was covered by many big media entities both here and abroad, including the New York Times in which it was clearly stated that it was an attack on Christians and that efforts are being made by Egypt’s president to protect the country’s Christian population. Your argument and statements are worrisome and misleading.

  25. Lord, I pray that I would be a true and faithful servant if I am ever faced with this. It is so sad to see the American church fall to where it is. That speaks very badly to us who should be doing a better job of preaching the gospel, and bearing each others burdens. I believe the state of country is due largely to the failure of the church. God help us!

  26. Persecution of the Church cannot have impact on a world that is at enmity with God, on the face of it. Agendas and media bias aside, the simple fact is that we have no equity within the western world view (or indeed any current philosophy) because our message is rejected, and we are agents of that message.
    A religion is only as good as its founder, if you want to see what the disciples will do, look to the leader. Mormonism is only as good as Joseph Smith; islam, Mohammed, Buddhism, Buddha, and so forth; as Christ said, you will only be as good (or bad) as your teacher. So the western world view is opposed (as their teacher is different than ours) to our Teacher and therefore us his disciples, we know this as the god of this age is not inactive. Manchester and now London, was indeed a tragedy, and if those people were saved or not, really is an issue. Our martyred siblings will not mourn the passing of this coil, for theirs is a better reward.
    You cannot die for Christ unless you live for him, praying for persecution, maybe , is not the best prayer, but to pray for real brokenness and obedience probably is.

  27. I think the question needs to be asked when I see the church going to stop being afraid and do what Jesus said to do

  28. Some of these comments prove the validity of the statements you made. People don’t want to believe these stories are true. I wish they were fake news, but they’re not, and since mass media is not reporting them, we need to pick them up. Thank you.

  29. It’s an interesting perspective but tends to show a certain degree of ignorance and bias. a) no ‘celebrities were killed in Manchester. So please peddle facts, not pretence. b) I wonder if this country reported the killings in Manchester in the way you have described. I wonder if these people know about Manchester or London? By all means, make your points – but refrain from sensationalism to build an argument- use evidence.

  30. I once heard a Young Priest say “If I’m ever arrested for being a Christian, I hope there is enough evidence to convict me”
    That has stuck with me a long time.
    Would we still go to church if we had to be exposed to gunfire to get there? We have freedoms and liberties that so many are denied but we don’t put them to use. It is a privilege to be able to worship our Lord, not a dreaded burden.

  31. Jesus our King is coming and HE will fight for all believers…enemies of HIM won’t stand a chance against HIM!

  32. This is powerful, provoking and convicting. Am I willing to die for my faith in Christ? I pray that I would. I can’t imagine the horror of watching people being slaughtered before my eyes, knowing I’m next. But I also can’t imagine denying Jesus Christ. So I pray for strength and a faith so deep and fierce that nothing can shake it. I admit that I don’t always get it right (understatement of the year), but I WANT to! It’s a start.

  33. We who practice American Christianity don’t really like any news that might challenge us. We turn our backs on the millions who are dying of starvation in Africa due to war, as well as on martyrs for their unwavering faith in Jesus. With the exception of those of us who are Bible-believing, Bible-reading, praying Christ followers, there is really no difference between the decent people who don’t practice any faith system at all and those that attend church regularly. We’re absorbed by our own interests, our own desires, and our own comforts. News of a Christians dying because they hold fast to Christ, interrupts our day of serving ourselves. We simply don’t get we exchange something that could truly transform us with the American dream, and Jesus gets consumed like any other thing that satisfies someothing for ourselves. What if the Church actually grasped what the Mission of Jesus Christ was all about? What kind of impact could we have in this world? Jesus, change the hearts of your people!

  34. The Christian people wount accept the truth , MOST. SO CALLED CHRISTIANS DON’T HAVE A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS .let alone stand any pressure from the world .

  35. I remember listening to one of the teaching programs on my local Christian radio station a while back, I forget which program, and the speaker was talking about his most recent mission trip helping out at a Church planting. When he was getting ready to board his plane home, one of the Pastors he had helped told him that he prayed daily for the Church in America. When asked how he prayed for us, he replied that he prayed for greater persecution to come on the Church in America. I wish we could find our way back to a vibrant witness without that, but I fear that it may be what we need.

  36. Keep the faith and keep preaching the Good News knowing that, one day soon (and very soon I surmise), EVERY person will bow and every tongue will confess Jesus Christ is Lord.

  37. It is pretty simple.. the closer to home and the more you can relate to the people/lifestyle etc, the more it affects you. It is only human, nothing to do with racism…. I am sure the african people (random example) are not too affected by the london attacks..

    Not really rocket science, don’t know why people keep bringing it up like they have made this huge discovery?

  38. This is such a sad but very true commentary concerning today’s believers. So many in America believe that they are saved and safe from attacks. Sadly both are wrong! Wide is the path that leads to destruction and many are they that find it, narrow is the path to salvation and few are those that find it . Sadly so many are blinded by the world and all its cares, so much so that the attacksbin Egypt Syria Iraq and other places mean little to everyday believers. We forget so quickly. Lord Jesus, please forgive us who blindly close our eyes to the attacks of the enemy. Draw each one of us to our knees and draw our hearts closer to you. Forgive us of our sins and help us to have forgiving hearts. Help each one of us to live a life that won’t compromise our Christian beliefs in Jesus name. Amen.

  39. I’m a little late commenting on this but wanted to say; you don’t have to go to church to be a Christian. I gave my soul to Jesus a long time ago, but I have never found a church I believe in enough to join. I pray and give thanks at least 2x a week, but not in a church.

  40. I think it most likely these don’t get as much coverage because they happen in regions that information has a hard time getting out. The amount of reporters and free movement in England lends itself to almost immediate transfer of information and network coverage. Areas held by Islamic terrorist (where they are. Onfortable enough to leave carnage and speed away) tend to be largely unseen in the media even by those who live within them. It doesn’t make the need to bring these killings to the light any less important but I hesitate to make enemies or scapegoats if anyone other than the sadistic, evil and heartless terrorists.

    1. I understand what you’re saying, but the truth is; killing Christians isn’t news worthy. It happens everyday. There are plenty of reporters available to keep the world informed, but the stories aren’t being sold to the main stream media. They would prefer to make up stories that fit their narrative.

      1. We the American christians attend dying churches where many of pastors don’t believe in the inerrancy of God’s Word. So aren’t willing to think we may suffer. My prayers are that God sends turmoil into their lives to renew faith.
        Yes over 22,000 are killed each year not counting probably 100,000s in prison. Are we praying for these brothers and sisters. The word says if one suffers all suffer.

  41. That’s funny. Because the west doesn’t give a crap when there are are suicide bombings everyday in Afghanistan. Wonder why that is? They’re not Christian, they’re muslims. Why should that make any difference? Here’s why. Because people don’t care when it doesn’t directly affect them. Welcome to humanity.

    1. Well, we’re in Afghanistan fighting a war that doesn’t belong to us, building roads and schools in a country that isn’t ours. Americans dying daily, pouring millions of dollars into a country’s economy who’s official policy is to hate us…all because “we don’t care.” And President Trump is thinking of sending more troupes there, just this week. It’s called the silent war, and we’re fighting their own culture and religion to give them something they can’t even conceive of..Why do people have to find the worst in everything? Especially why Christians? We know God is in control of the nations. Sometimes i think people just like to feel superior so they criticize whatever is happening. They condemn someone for not being something, and it makes them feel like they are on some higher moral plain.

      1. You’re there fighting a war, trying to force something they do not want on them. It is not so much that they cannot conceive the things you are trying to provide them; they just do not want them, and they resent you for shoving a culture that is not theirs down their throats. But our leaders seem to think they just HAVE to have these things, at a cost of how much money, and how many lives? The people of Afghanistan held off the might of Russia for 15 years, and they have done the same with our troops. When will our leadership learn, and leave them alone?!

      2. It’s troops not troups and the problem with you trump supporters is just that! You’re all uneducated, call yourselves Christians BUT all that matters in your eyes is what goes on here in the US. Well, sorry to inform all you ignorant folks that what goes on in the other countries around us has everything to do with the US and its ugly history of murder, control and greediness but you won’t find that or see or hear that in the media either. It’s definitely not taught in our schools and people like you love to just turn a blind eye. Is that the Christian way here in the US? I’m guessing you are all better than everyone else around the globe! Foolishness! This county’s representation is a joke and so are all you trump supporters. Ignorance IS NOT BLISS.

  42. I was in Alexandria when news of the bus attack came. Our friend there – a Coptic Christian – told us the news and asked us to pray. The night before, a brother in Cairo told us that he knew persecution was going to intensify. And yet, they had such a deep hope and faith in them, it was hard to get discouraged being around them. Discussing what was happening and how Isaiah 19 was unfolding right before our eyes, I told a brother that it was going to get worse before it gets better. He corrected me: “It’s going to get worse IN ORDER TO get better.”

    The blood of the martyrs will cry out from the ground. There will be revival in Egypt.

    Let’s just continue to fight in prayer, knowing that our battle is not against flesh and blood… There is hope yet. Now’s not the time to be a lukewarm Christian.

    1. Very well said young lady, so many these days are afraid to stand up for GOD. The price will be paid in eternity

  43. Honestly, this likely had nothing to do with the fact that they were Christians and everything to do with the fact that tragedies like these are shocking if they happen in some countries and not if they are in others. This past week, at least 126 Muslims were killed in a bomb blast by ISIS. Iran suffered it’s first major attack by ISIS right after in Manchester bombing. The only attacks that get our attention, it seems, are ones done in Western Europe and United States, perhaps because we believe stuff like this should never happen in these places, while we have grown use to the idea that stuff like this happens in places like the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, and Asia.

    1. not necessarily true .. when the Syrian government used Sarin gas and killed somewhere around 70 ppl the USA got involved and began striking where the gas was being sent from
      …… Trump has faced so much opposition I know it is difficult for him to do his job having to fend off all the opposition… .. and yes he wants to be sure some of the evil people who cause that awful stuff are properly vetted so they don’t come to north america

    2. Because Muslims live in those places and cause these horrific acts. We didn’t have terrorism in any western country until muslims started to infiltrate. Before 911 you hardly ever heard of a terrorist attack in the United States or Europe. We have been very foolish allowing so many muslims into our countries.

      1. This is Sad! We DID have terrorists attacks before 9/11. The Towers we bombed years before, for instance. And not All Muslims are terrorists. Just as not all Germans were Hitler’s goons, or all Japanese were Kamakzies. In fact, the founding fathers were deemed “terrorists”. I believe in vetting but vetting just Muslims feels like bigotry. Some “radicalized” Norwegian, Italian, Brazilian, or Swiss could get in with no vetting. So how far do you go? Vet every new comer? I think you get my drift. Not to mention our OWN home grown terrorists! Its a slippery slope all growing Down! May the LORD watch over us all. Remember for the general Muslim he is praying to God (= Allah) everyday just as we hopefully do.

      2. Modern pre-9/11 terrorism included the Oklahoma bombing, 30 years of IRA activity, Sikh extremists, separatists in Spain, just to name a few. Terrorism is caused by sinful humans. Period. Plenty of bad things have been done in the name of Christianity over the years. And don’t forget that the majority of victims of Islamist terrorism are Muslims themselves.

  44. So, why isn’t there 1 soldier with a machine gun on every bus and tighter security when there needs to be? Why aren’t we hearing that Uncle Jim got off the bus and shot the Muslim terrorists?

    1. Because in those countries citizens cannot be armed. Think about that next time you vote for an anti-second ammendment politician.

    2. I like the way you think. Muslims are Islam. Islam is ISIS. All read and obey the same Quran. All work for world domination by peace VIOLENCE interconnected totally. The Quran is not a bible. It is a declaration of war against all infidels which is everyone else. Sharia law is Islamic law. Jihad is the war Muslims wage calling it religious war.

  45. Seek the truth about our Lord Jesus Christ, once you have found it and excepted it then only can one be saved.for more information please visit our website at

  46. This is a heinous tragedy and the fact that it was mostly ignored by media is reprehensible!
    That being said, you lost me when you pulled the guilt trip about people who skip Sunday worship part.
    My husband and I, and there are multitudes like us, that went to services for years. Sometimes God calls people out of the denominations, more and more actually. It only caused my husband and I to draw closer and deeper than we ever imagined.
    I get your comparison to these who literally risk their lives to gather as opposed to those her who are not committed to Christ with the freedoms we enjoy.
    But attending a Sunday service does not make one a true follower of Jesus. We need to be looking at fruit and not church attendance.
    We need to live like the Church because we are the Church, not just attend a church service.
    I have been and will continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ in the Middle East.

    1. Yes, that was sort of my reaction to this article too. News is good. Asking for prayer is good. But the guilt trip doesn’t do anything for me. I am serving in China. This is where God called me to teach. But others are called to be businessmen, teachers, clerks, whatever, in the US. That is where God placed them.

      The church in America is sick and God is calling people to withdraw and worship in their homes. The American church is buried under a grinding oppression of political correctness and containment. When the waves of revival break out that the church has been praying for day and night for 40 years, the homes where people are worshiping will be churches. It is better to look at the whole moves of God instead of the details of one culture or another and feel that making people feel guilty is the answer.

      Surveys say that half the born again Christ currently do not go to church. On one other hand there are 24-7 trans-denominational prayer movements that have gone out from the US, among other astounding works of God in this time. It is good to know the times and the seasons and participate in what God is doing next. President Trump is part of this this breakthrough, whether you agree with his politics or not.

      1. I couldn’t agree with you more. The church is sick. After 3 decades in the church, we left because the church is upside down with a weakening of the Word and a tolerance for sin. We are experiencing more and more of the Holy Spirit now that we’re out, because the Spirit is grieved and thwarted by spiritual pride in churches like these. This pride is witnessed in churches throughout the world, as we visit churches across our nation and, most recently in Europe. We are the Body of Christ which Christ says should be ‘one’, as He is one with the Father. The martyrs gave their lives for Him. That’s it! It’s not important where this happened or to compare this to any other culture. The question for ALL Christ followers everywhere in this world is this; are you one with Him and the Father, and the Body of Christ, and are you willing to die for Him? The martyrs were these things, as they demonstrated their courage and conviction all together as one, to confess Him and to die for Him. He has made a beautiful painting in Heaven from their ashes. And, PS, I didn’t vote for Trump but seeing him in Israel making a commitment to support Israel really impressed me with what the LORD is doing, for “such a time as this.”

    2. Amen, my sentiments too. We are the church. It is surprising how one is judged for not going to church. I do not need to warm a pew to prove my faith. God knows my heart.

    3. You missed the point. The article was not about house churches but about those who have other priorities that negelect the command, “forsake not the assemblying of yourselves together” (Heb. 12).

      1. excuse me, may I say something about that?
        It is not a command it is exhortation. “not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near”.

        The very next sentence says this ” For if we sin deliberately after receiving the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins,but a fearful prospect of judgment, and a fury of fire which will consume the adversaries”

        Will you take the first as a command and overlook the attending message for as you see it starts with For: which can be replaced with ” Because” ( read the paragraph and replace For with Because and the lesson may become clearer). What does me mean “If we sin deliberately”
        I assume you are born again, can you say you have made your heart clean you are pure from your sin and have never sinned deliberately since the day you where saved?
        Like me, I think not so the lesson can be understood.

        The meaning here is not so much a directive to attend a Church ( although yes, it is encouraged) but rather to confess our sins to one another that we might be healed.
        This is done at church which is a gathering of eagles but also within the body which is wherever two or more are gathered together.
        Like the others above I also do not attend Church. Of that subject I have much to say.

        There is of course commands that God requires us to obey and it is this:
        “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it, You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments rest all the law and the prophets.”

        I am one for context. I rarely take a single sentence by itself but rather the full context.
        If I can’t explain a concept within the full context that tells me I don’t yet understand the lesson.
        I don’t mean to be picky and apologize to you if it appears so.

  47. I don’t necessarily believe people don’t die for things that aren’t real. So, when Muslims commit suicide bombings, does that make their god real? When crazy cults commit mass suicide, does that make their belief real. I’d say no. I believe you are mistaken about that.

    1. His comment was no sane person does for a lie. These people when committing these acts are not in there right mind.

  48. I was in Egypt in 2012. Went to the crossing at Nu-Way Bay Beach where Moses cross the Red Sea with the children of Israel. I ran across this Coptic Christian at the resort there and I witness to him. I tryed to get him to get baptized and he said the Coptic Christians did not need to be baptized because the first Coptic Christian, when his mother tried to baptize him and she took him to the priest and when they tried to put him in the water the water froze, and they did that 5 times and the water froze each time and the priest said that the Coptic Christians didn’t need to be baptized. So I don’t know it’s kind of confusing. I don’t know about all Coptic Christians, but he believed in a different gospel than I do. This event is tragic no matter who got killed.

  49. Yes and amen! I am not ashamed to declare Christ Jesus is The king of Kings and Lord of Lords! He is my only hope and salvation! In Him alone is all my trust! I no longer live but Christ lives in me.

  50. Absolutely true we are a sick church in America and we are all guilty. We need to wake up before God wakes us up. I bet we will not like His wake up call, He has been tenderly giving us chances upon chances and we ignore ,complain,and go about pleasing our own selves. Forget surrender, love ,follow,sacrifice. If we get ask for anything over the tithe Oh dear we may not get to have our manicure. well day soon one everyone will blown down answer and give and account. Are you ready

  51. T2, I noticed in one of your comments you referenced the book, “The Insanity of God”. I first saw the documentary of that last August in a theater and it rocked my little sheltered Christian world. Then this spring I was taking a College English course and we were giving an assignment to do a research paper. The topic I chose was persecuted Christians. One of the things I stated in my paper is that “the Church in the U.S. has an entitlement mentality”. We get so used to the TV Evangelists who say that if you have enough faith you’re going to be happy, healthy and wealthy…after all, God wants us to be happy, right? But nowhere in the Bible does it say that Jesus died so we can have anything we want! Nik mentions in TIOG that if we want the persecution of Christians to stop then we would need to pray that people would stop becoming Christians, because that would be the only way it would cease. So should we pray that? NEVER!
    Something I’ve noticed in the comments are those mentioning the Islamic “martyrs”…they are NOT marytrs! A martyr is one who willingly lays down their life because they would rather die than denounce their faith. A martyr does NOT seek to take another’s life, only to lay down their own. So a suicide bomber is NOT a martyr, they are only a murderer!
    Thank you for this great post, t2!

  52. “No sane person willingly dies for something he knows is a lie.” Wouldn’t this also apply to suicide bombers? Just saying . . .

  53. Thank you Fr. Mhel. I am happy you ecpressed your wellwritten opinion on thesubject. I fully agree with you. Exactly my sentiment in tge case persecuted Christians in Syria and Iraq, even before that tragic incident of ambushed and murdered Coptic Christians on pilgrimage to a monastery. I thought why are other Christians including the Catholics not reacting strongly about it when coearly they are killed due to their Christian faith? Where is the compassion? Why is my church not officially condemn it? Or organize relief operations or similar efforts? . Maybe we are so preoccupied of our own affairs and concerns or maybe we have become selfish in this.modeen world. All I can do is to pray for their good souls. I am sure the Lord Jesus is proud and happy to welcome the victims to heaven for standing up for their faith. But we so called Christians around the world must do more to condemn and prevent similar religious attacks of minorities regardless of their faith be they Christian Muslim Buddhist or natives. Humanity must learn to tolerate other religious faith for no religion should justify the taking of other people’s lives to impose one’ s faith. Only God our Creator can give life and only He knows who is really following the teachings of Jesus the Christ. Killing other people simply negate His great teaching to love one another regardless of their religion.

  54. I just went to the Internet and found 16 sources of news coverage of this event, I stopped after that.

    1. Respectfully, the blog did not suggest the incident was not covered in the press. Rather, it was covered for only a couple of days, unlike the coverage of other terror attacks in the West, and most people never heard the heroic story of the martyrs. Thanks!

  55. So, don’t know whether this is mentioned above, but have been struggling with these issues for a long time. What is the American middle class Christian’s response to this (besides disabling guilt)? The fact is, I live where I live and don’t know how to truly live for Him in the midst of it. The Bible says He places each person in time and in the world to maximize his/her ability to reach out and know Him. I’m mystified and troubled most days by these issues.

  56. Because brown people dying is no biggie. There are thousands dying every day and no one cares. I highly doubt their being Christian is the issue particularly for the Christian west. It makes no sense to even entertain this thought. Why didn’t they have this coverage when during the Bosnia war Christians were doing the exact same thing to Muslims except they made the Muslim men take their pants down and whoever was circumcised was separated. Almost all of them since Muslims circumcise their boys in Bosnia. This is spreading hate based on personal and erroneous views. It’s racism and poverty stricken areas. Socioeconomic reasons. No one cares.

  57. This is shocking. I am riddled with grief about this. I pray for the courage of these people. I have no idea what having my faith tested is really about. I will not forget them and i thank, love and respect them for showing me real faith.

  58. I feel compelled to repeat a previous comment.
    “Heaven saw. Heaven heard. Heaven stood. They were not unseen or unnoticed…”
    I am forever grateful that Jesus Christ is their Judge, not I.

  59. Thanks for this challenging post.

    I want to affirm each aspect of what you share, so if I may, let me ask. Exactly how do we know that people were interviewed in the terms you described and killed precisely that way? Without survivors, where to those particular details come from?


  60. “Christians in America turn their backs as well because stories about martyrs in other lands reflect poorly on the quality our faith. ”


    It does not “reflect poorly on the quality of our faith”, but instead strengthens it because NONE of those people recanted their faith in Jesus – just like He commanded!!

    You, the author, are a MORON if you think it “reflects poorly” on the Christian faith when one dies for that faith!!!

    Christians here mourn the loss of life at the hands of evil. And all of us wish we could take up arms and repel this evil – fighting to rid this world of this.

    You sound like an imposter.

    1. Respectfully, you missed the point of the blog. Martyrs obviously honor Christ as he commanded; but they make faith of many of the rest of us look weak and superficial.

  61. The only thing I take issue with in this article is the statement about “maybe it’s racism.” These acts are not about race, they are about religion. Two different things.

  62. untill we love one another as Christ love us there will still be killings of are christian family around the world and it will come to America also. Let us be United as one around the world. I love you all.

  63. That’s terrible and I can’t believe those details were not reported in the US news. And I watch too much.
    I think the main issue is that US news just doesn’t and probably can’t really care about terrible tragedy and horrible death in the Middle East. I mean, while this is a uniquely dreadful act, terrible things happen “over there” each and every day.
    So sad.

  64. Thank you so much for taking your time for writing this article. It truly is an inspiration! I have many friends who don’t believe in Christ, and my prayer for them, as I’m sure it would be any Christian’s prayer, is for them to find Christ- to come to realize that there is a God and that He’s not bad like everyone says He is.

    Normally I would read through the comments on the articles, that I read online, to see what others’ opinions are. However, because I truly don’t care to see how the world might ridicule you, I’m going to stray from that today. Despite all that, I want to encourage you to keep on writing! 🙂

    May God bless you beyond measure!

  65. Christian’s and muslim’s have been killing each other for 2000 year, it will never stop, Never. Well maybe after the last man does it will stop!!!!

  66. My advice to my brothers and sisters in christ in the middle east please defend yourselves , take up arms and defend your families my prayers and love to you all.

  67. What those dear saints say who suffer in those areas is what speaks louder than all the media. I wonder why somebody complains that worldly media doesn’t cover their story. Did Jesus say that saints should be recognized by the world? He said we will be hated by the world. It’s being fulfilled. The terror covers the earth and it’s a sure sign of end times. Maybe more folks who keep hearing of the terror in media no matter where it happened will become more aware of their need in the Lord!

  68. We are called to watch and pray. We cannot just rely on mainstream media (who owns it?) and they choose what they want to relay. At the same time, I believe that The Lord is calling His children back to Him and those who see what is happening have been in prayer and hearts broken for years about people in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and everywhere people have been killed, lost their homes etc. The blood of the martyrs amounts to millions over the years, and according to the bible, He will reveal it. I can’t make this too long. The Body of Christ and those who serve the one true God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are under severe attack as we are in the endtimes and it is a spiritual battle. As for the US, I couldn’t understand it when people worldwide were signing petitions and Americans weren’t bothering to stand up, because in 1973 I met with the most wonderful fulltime believers there and it was amazing to me that it was everyday living, and not just going to a service now and again. It started me off on the real search for the whole truth about Yeshua/Jesus the Messiah and He answered when I came to SA. Many US missionaries and pastors, some were and still are here. We all have to check ourselves, and listen to the Holy Spirit. Pray for those who are brought up in a false idealogy. He is returning soon!!!! Love to all.

  69. I know of two US TV network newscasts that moved their nightly news base to Manchester for days after the concert and bombing. There may have been others. Tougher to do that sort of thing in Minya, Egypt. Egypt isn’t as well-connected to the information highway (or the actual interstate, for that matter) as is Great Britain. The gory details you shared were not part of the original reporting of the story on US mainstream media. Thank you for filling us in. Without this report, I never would have known. It’s why alternative media are on the ascendancy in the US, and why the powers that be are trying to rein them in and muddy the waters with ‘fake news.’ Count yourself as a member in good standing of the ‘alternative press corp.’

  70. Christian churches losing members all over US and UK. I wonder if its because Christians not standing up against Muslim effort to destroy Western Democracies and Christians just want to turn the other cheek. Well Christ got angry and attacked the sellers in the Temple. Maybe its time for Christians to get angry and get out of the comfort zones of their reverence for billionaire pastors with humongous auditoriums and unimpressive sermons to maybe address problem in Middle East with Christians being persecuted and beheaded and Christian women raped and beheaded. I dont know what Christians can do about it except maybe to ask Congress to allow more Christian refugees. Although I agree with President Trump’s travel ban from 7 unstable Muslim countries, I implore Christian churches to ask President Trump to exclude Christians . They need our help

  71. While it’s is reprehensible that the tale is not shouted from the roof tops, I understand the decision to not give the terrorists a further stage. A spot at the center of attention. They wouldn’t care that it’s “bad press”, they WANT bad press, a chance to spread the fear and terror. They laugh while we weep. There also more film to show and immediate press presence. The Christian’s not so much. I would hope to have the strength of these brave people!

  72. There are so many things wrong with this article. As a Christian in America I’m upset that the issue here is media coverage. What is that really going to do? Make some people pray? Maybe.
    We have a bunch churches (businesses) And if you don’t believe that, next time count how much they talk about offering and outreach. (Look at the pastors Mercedes)
    We probably have more Christians than any other country, but have any of us done anything other than complain about the government, the media, or maybe pray? We are more concerned with who is sleeping with who and the next pot-luck.
    Is there anyone willing to actually fight? We aren’t going to convert them. We are fighting evil. But no one here is willing to pick up the ” sword” and fight with our persecuted brothers. Instead we send missionaries to Scotland and have praise our good deed.
    The need is that this rich Christian community “actually pick up a sword” and fight and defend our brothers and sisters . But instead we are waiting for the media to care.

  73. Not the correct answer. If giving up your life for G’d means he exists, then the Jews are proof of the Torah. Every Jew that lives is under threat of death at almost any time and almost any country in the world.
    Even in Israel where the daily terror attacks go unreported around the world.
    Therefore your theory proves the G-d of the Jews is true. Most of the Christian world condemn the Jews and Israel. Because you don’t protect the Jews, G-d has taken his eyes from you.

  74. Here is the real reason why stories like this go unreported: The Devil owns the Nations. Which means he owns the hearts of the elite, the political puppets, the six media companies around the globe that control what the masses see, read, and learn. And so if the Devil owns the Nations, why would you see Christians being executed? Even the Christians you do see in the media usually end up portrayed as weirdos, idiots, thieves, headcases, etc in time.

    1. I agree completely, When we look at the Trilateral Commission group and Bilderberg group and who attends these secret meetings, It says it all. People wake up to this and the media with their orders reports what will benefit their big picture of what they want.

    2. # 1. England is much closer to home

      # 2. People care more about what’s happening closer to home.
      Not that it’s an excuse for not reporting it.
      Think about it, when someone gets shot down the street u are much more concerned then when it happened in another state.

      1. In the eyes of the world press England may be closer to home, and we have ancestral links to them, but for me it ends there. The truth in this blog is that they downplay Christian martyrs all the time.
        This doesn’t inflame the masses, Manchester was a horrible act of murder, yet targeted by the Islamists for a couple reasons.
        1) They are a death cult
        2) They hit soft targets
        3) Arrianna is a promoter of queer culture
        4) The impact of killing young kids resonates

        There is a political point to downplaying the savagery that happens in the Middle East. It shows that Islam is not willing to COEXIST with any other religion. That fact alone could cause the bumper sticker sales to drop.

        Your point is a valid one. I don’t want my reply to seem argumentative, just expounding on your original thought.

  75. Wow! The truth about how these Christians gave up their lives really blew up in my face this morning. I thank God that my brothers and sisters choose life after death in Jesus, but I had to stop and think, if it was me, would I have been ready to die for the name of Christ. I know the media is going to only show us what they choose, so thank you for the honest news.

    1. Choosing life after death or simply choosing to refuse some random religion being shoved down their throats. Depends how you look at it. They could have just played it smart and choose to “convert”. I would have. I might only have THIS life and I am sure Jesus would rather have me alive, raising my kid and helping those around me who depend on me or just random people I often choose to help instead of dying for… what? “Do you renounce Jesus?” “Yeah, sure buddy. Give me that free copy of the Coran! Allah Akhbar!” Once I get out of the tight spot, I could just throw away that damned book. Or burn it. Or maybe add it to my library and study it. The only thing worth dying for is your family. However, the best choice would be to stay alive, always.

      1. I’m not a religious guy yet I’m very spiritual. I like to feel important but I know I’m only a small cog in the great wheel of life. How sad it must be for one to live for nothing bigger than they themselves are. Live long, live well, live often.

      2. Jesus said, “But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.” Think hard about that.

      3. and I suppose you would take the mark of the beast with the same reasoning. our choices have eternal consequences and what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul? there can be only one response to a choice like that cause Jesus said if you deny me before men I will deny you before the Father. we need to think long and hard about some things and this is one of them.

      4. I am so sorry for you. Jesus died on the cross for you. He died so you may have eternal life in Heaven and escape the suffering eternally in Hell. Yes he would want you to stand for him even if it meant death, after all you would be going to a better place and I’m sure your children would be taken care of. By saying you convert to Muslim faith, even to save your own life is a slap in the face to our savior. You would be turning your back on him. I have failed my Lord in many ways but if it was between denying him or dying it just means I’m going to glory sooner because there is no way I will convert.

      5. Jesus was not the one that pulled the trigger or slit the throat. That was satan through man. We cannot renounce our belief in Jesus Christ or our name is scratched from the Book of Life. He will remember us no more. I choose Jesus because life eternal will be better than life on earth.

      6. What if they dragged you along and then told you that you had to kill the rest of the Christians in the group, then? That has happened before. You might not get out of that “tight spot” and you had better not throw away that Koran. That could get you killed for insulting Islam. No winners here.

      7. Jesus said, if you are ashamed of me, I will be ashamed of you before my Father He is our only redemption, our mediator between us and God. Don’t throw that away so indifferently.

      8. They would have probably have shot them anyhow for being weak infidel. As hard as it was, they chose not to deny Christ and Jesus was there as they entered eternity. Now they are really living!

      9. I reckon too.
        And all religions are man made anyhow. The real rules of the true God, i am sure, differ from those set up by religious elites… We all come from the same source. From one God. That’s it.
        Whether you call God Allah, Jahwe Jesus or else – we come from one source, from the God’s Head. We are the One, we are brothers and sisters.
        God is Love. Of course God experiences Itself through good and bad but only those who follow the path of Good will be rewarded and will burn off the bad karma to get close to the God’s Head.
        And those islamic extremists, well they have another thing coming…. it will take millenia to clear their karma in karmic prison.
        You don’t take life it’s not yours to take.

      10. Ells Y, if only those who follow the path of Good will be rewarded, then how good is good enough? “For ALL have sinned and fall short”

      11. No good… it doesn’t work like that, friend. You probably won’t see or read this but I’ll write it anyway.They would kill you anyway. I watched it happen. The man they caught denied Christ and said those words about allah that you said. The leader than said to the mob with him, “Alright! you all heard what he said. So we will be merciful. … instead of shooting him we will cut off his head.” … they then immediately cut off his head with a short knife.

        … the thing is… you really can’t understand why Christians are willing to die for their Savior and their God. If you understood all that Jesus has done not just for the Christians of the world but for YOU… then you would understand why they stand for Christ even unto death. AND they will die for Jesus even if it means they have to leave their children alone. They must just choose Christ and die for Him. Praying that somehow their children will see their love and devotion to Jesus and then love and follow Him like their parents did.

        Y’see. It’s not about just following some random man-made religion that you can take or leave. If that was the case then I would be right there with you in the comments that you made. But these people know that Jesus Christ is the real God. They simply cannot deny Him. If they did they would be denying the truth. And so they must even stand to the death for the truth. I tell you… because of all of the ones who have died for Christ… YOU are without excuse. They found the truth and stood for the truth no matter the cost. … What are you going to do with that? If they denied Christ, they would be denying the truth. If they denied the truth at the moment of being faced with death how would the terrorists ever think seriously enough about Jesus and give their lives to Him? They have to know that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven… otherwise they will end up in hell when they die… And the Christians love them too much to let that happen. They are willing to do whatever it takes to try to show God’s love and truth to them so that they can find Jesus Christ as well and then enter Paradise when they come to their own life’s end. If those christians who were martyred had children and those children had seen their parents deny Christ… how would their children ever understand that Jesus is the true God? Eternal life is SO much more important than this life here on earth. So, the parents are willing to die for the truth in the hope that by their own sacrifice, their children will also follow Jesus. Do you dare say that those parents tried to shove their religion down the throats of their children?? … are you willing to die for what you believe? … are you?… please be careful of your flippant comments… we are talking about people who suffered the ultimate price for what they believe… that deserves respect. (By the way, Muslim extremists who blow themselves up does not qualify as a death deserving respect. They have to psych themselves up to commit suicide and then blow up as many women and children as possible. this is not martyrdom… this is insanity and murder. One who is who is murdered for his faith just because he believes it is a martyr and should be honored.)

        Now that you are face to face with truth you should go out and get yourself a Bible and read it. Not a new twisted version, get a New American Standard or a New King James. Read it. Ask Jesus to show Himself to you. Ask Him to come into your life and show you what it actually means to be “saved”. Are you scared to try? Don’t be. Do you mock it? don’t do that. read it. I’m not scared to read it. Not because “I’m a Christian and of course I’m not scared to read it.” No, I’m not scared to read it because I have let it’s truth confront me and show me my wicked heart. I’ve let it expose all of the sins in my life. I’ve let God search all of the different corners of my heart and let Him clean out the sinful passions that I used to love. Pray to Jesus. Just talk to Him. Take time to understand what this is all about. what sin is and that Jesus died to save you from the both the consequences of your sins and from the desire to sin anymore… That He came to give you a brand new life, a brand new way of thinking that is REALLY good. He loves you. He will forgive you as you learn what things are sins and then go to Him and apologize for those sins… And He will give you eternal life instead of the hell that you and all the rest of us deserve.

        Christians are willing to die for Jesus because they love Him. He’s the real deal. He’s the real God. They don’t have to hype themselves up to murder people so that they can gain favor with their god. They don’t have to spend pointless hours in silly looking twisted yoga positions. They don’t have to go on long pilgrimages. They don’t have to strain at trying justify themselves that they are “good people”. They know that they have done things that are really wicked and that their hearts were truly evil deserving hell. There aren’t any good people in Heaven–only sinners who know that they deserve hell and they are so grateful to Jesus for the sacrifice that He made for them. Christians get to walk on this new road of learning how to truly love God and do what is right by His standard of what is right. They just have conversation with the real God who listens AND answers their prayers. They love Him because they have experienced truly being forgiven of all of their crimes that they have commited against the Holy God. They feel His love. They get to have sweet fellowship with Him every day. They love Him because they have used their reason and intellect to find that God has proved Himself in countless ways to be the One true and only God of the Universe. Proved in nature, history, science, logic, in person (Jesus coming to earth), in miracles, by witness of millions that have been willing to die for Him. By God having the only truly HOLY book. The Bible is the only truly holy book. All others are full of evil. They are not holy books because to be a holy book they have to live up to the name “holy”. The Bible is the only one that is truly holy from cover to cover. It doesn’t lie, it has perfect historical accounts, the moral laws and teachings are the only ones that match up perfectly with the human existence. It is THE best book on psychology because it exactly describes true human nature and gives the REAL solution for every problem. It explains perfectly all of the different supernatural/paranormal phenomena. It is full of real prophecy that has actually happened with precise accuracy.

        When you decide to truly surrender your life to Jesus Christ and accept Him as the God and Savior of the world, you will begin going down a road that is so good… You will find yourself actually in the presence of God. You will fall in love with Him. Not in some weird perverted way… You just really love Him. He is God. He loves you. and you love Him.

        To all of my Christian brothers and sister. Never deny Christ. If you find yourself in the same position as our brothers and sisters who just died, never deny Christ. They will just murder you anyway. So if you are going to be killed anyway. Say with Jesus. I was terrified for that man that I saw. He denied Christ and then he was killed so fast he didn’t even have a moment to repent. He died and is in hell. He may has thought just what this fellow said in his comment above, “Oh, I’ll just say the words and then throw out the koran later.” … he never had the chance. If they are going to kill you anyway, then don’t deny Him. You will have pain but then in just a matter of moments you will be in Paradise.

        I don’t say this lightly or casually… I say it carefully… I’m terrified of torture, etc. and I have prayed earnestly that if I ever found myself in a position of “deny Christ or die” I pray and am trusting that God will strengthen me to not deny my Jesus… He’s my Rescuer… He’s my God… I love Him and don’t want to deny Him even unto death.

        God bless! Jesus Christ is Lord! There is no God but Jesus Christ! Hallelujah! Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. To the one who eagerly awaits His second coming He will return without mention of sin. Blessed are those who are martyred for His sake. They will be raised in the first resurrection and reign with Him for a thousand years. These ones will not be touched by the second death (that is, lake of fire).

      12. You wouldn’t have that family if it weren’t for God. God would rather you be in the afterlife with him and you children also. But, God wouldn’t murder you if you saved yourself. Truth is, they probably would have killed you anyway.😃

      13. “Whoever tries to save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for My sake will have it eternally…” says the Lord.

  76. We know as Christians and even non Christians, terrorist are killing hundreds everyday, everywhere. I also believe the media doesn’t cover it because of where it happened. Not in the middle of Wngland but in the middle of a desert. If I was a journalist I would not and could not go to Egypt. Not at this time. I would be beheaded just for being American and a blond woman! This is a horrible story. But is is one of thousands. We know from the Bible this is predicted for our future. It’s not ok. But I am ready. I have my armor on. And the Lord is my Shepard. This is all predicted in the Bible. Just as Jesus being crucified was. Do we not believe our Lord? This is the end times. The next few 100 years it will get worse.

  77. I pray that I would have the same strength of faith when faced with such a situation that I would die for Christ. We say we would, but being truly faced with that decision, would we??? We in the Western world are half-hearted Christians at best. Are we willing to die for Christ? I believe we will have to make that decision at some point in our future.

    1. God knows our hearts right. That wasn’t the killing in the end of days. Can’t we save our families and ourselves just trying to FAKE them out. Was it necessary for all of those Christians to not fight or put up any kind of struggle at all. I believe in Christ. I know what he says about denieing him before man but does he not actually know our hearts ? I’m confused. What great battle was won by stepping into the slaughter one at a time just like they did for the Natzis. Life is more valuable than just letting a guy slit your daughter and son’s throats and then saying okay my turn. Is that way the scripture was talking about or was it simply saying if we are ashamed to admit in public were Christians then God will do same to us. I don’t think he said if you love me follow me and your family is about to be slaughtered not to try to FAKE those goat jumpers out and try your hardest to live. Kill them. God knows our heart. He would know if you really meant to deny him and become a murdering savage. I’m stumped on this one.

  78. First, I want to say that Jesus is my Lord and Savior. But when did this happen? There’s no date or author’s name. Who saw this to be able to report it? I know that terrible things are happening all over our world and am grateful that this is not my home. But I want to read articles with authenticity.

  79. I did see this story reported in the news. But I regularly look at international news websites. I think the reason that Manchester, London, Brussles, and Paris stories are more quickly and heavily reported is that there are more reporters in those major international Western European cities than in smaller communities in Africa and Central Asia. However, but for technology and cell phone cameras, we’d never know this story at all. Cultural conflicts with Jews and Christuans in these areas of the world pre-date Islam. It would not surprise me at all if some/most of these martyrs had ancestors who also lost their lives because of religion. I pray for a blessing for each person wherever they are in the world who feels or is persecuted because of their faith – in Jeaus name, AMEN

  80. Great article, but you have to be careful with your verbiage. I completely understand what you mean with the statement, “No sane person willingly dies for something he knows is a lie.” However, the same statement could be applied to Muslim suicide bombers. It should have been followed up with a modifier of Matthew 7:16 “Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?” I believe that would ensure no miscommunication.

    1. Thanks, Robert. Interesting point, but I don’t believe suicide bombers can be compared to martyrs. Ordinary people commit suicide every day for a variety of reasons: mental illness, depression, desperation, fear, humiliation, etc. etc. We don’t really know which of those factors drive Jihadists, or if they were motivated by the large amounts of money promised to their survivors by governments. In contrast, martyrdom is not a commonplace event in most places. And a believer facing execution rather than dishonoring Jesus Christ is giving clear testimony to impact of Christ in his/her life and his/her confidence in Eternity.

      1. Of course it’s a great testimony but nobody even knows about it. I’m not sure God demands us to just lay down and die like a sheep. I understand the greatness of the testimony but doesn’t mean much if nobody hears it. I’m a christian.know the bible but I still say God knows our heart. We should be willing to lay it all down to save our family or our neighbors. I believe the scriptures say something about giving up your life for your family’s and friends. No greater love it says. Please explain to me why knowingly walking into full scale slaughter is okay ?????

  81. “These are the beginning of sorrows. Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted and shall kill you: Matt 24:8-9; 21:…then shall be great tribulation..”

  82. WHEN will we stop killing people because of what they believe or don’t believe?
    NONE of these religions have any evidence in the real world.

    Heartbreaking to kill because my invisible SkyDaddy is better than your invisible SkyDaddy!

  83. It is a tragedy that this happend and that it was never covered by the media. However, I feel the Manchester incident was covered more Because it occured in a place where the Western world does not expect a terrorist attack. We have been inundated for years with the violence that occurs in the Middle East to the point where it is expected. So when an attack like this happens in what is considered a ” safe” country it is a shock and much more sensational. Unfortunately, I think we will be seeing more of these heinous attacks everywhere in the world now.

    1. The report of the Copts on the buses being slaughtered was widely circulated on Australian TV, in the daily newspapers, and through many local Australian churches. We held prayer meetings, and had direct contact with families in Australia, who have relatives and families directly affected by this tragedy overseas.

  84. Jesus said, “But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.”

      1. If the picture is just there “for effect,” the article moves decidedly away from factual journalistic objectivity and weakens the case. If this picture is just a staged fictional representation, then tell us so; if it actually documents an event, tell us that. Otherwise, it smells of the odor of “click bait.” It worked on me this time; next time I won’t be so quick to visit, even though I share your views wholeheartedly. But I would like to hear straight from the blogger on this, and not take David’s word for it.

      2. Hi, Arden. The photo you referenced is not related to the Minya event but is legit. I found it a while back at an Israeli site: the young man was a victim of ISIL. I included it with the blog because I only see his faith rather than the gore, there were no usable images from Minya, and the blog is generally about martyrdom and our apparent aversion to it,

  85. Romans 10:8-17. Read it out loud.
    As a believer in Y’shua Messiah, I have hope now and after I die. Muslims do not have the same hope now and after they die. The reading of Romans 10:9-17 is a summation of who a believer in Y’shua Messiah is. We are not to fear death for the sake of someone else. Also almost all individuals that say they will convert to Islam are followed to make sure that they do and if they don’t they are killed because they lied.

  86. The reason you don’t see articles like this on blast is because of racism. You suggested this as a possibility, but it is a harsh reality. It’s why people has tagged Paris, London, Manchester, San Bernadino, and Brussels but not Baghdad, Kenya, Egypt, Turkey, and Syria. Terrorist attacks on these countries occur much more frequently and often claim more lives. However, they do not fit the media’s narrative of Islam vs the Western World. In fact, it is radical Islam vs the ENTIRE world, where moderate Muslims are most of the victims of global terrorism.

  87. Do you think Peter, the rock upon which Jesus said he would build His church, was denied before His Father after Peter denied Christ 3 times openly during His affliction? Sure Peter was wrecked and broke down when he realized what he had done at sunrise but he became a pillar of the 1st century church and was later murdered on an upside down crucifix. I don’t see anyone saying Peter was probably denied access to the Father in heaven above due to his poor choice. I am playing a small bit of Devil’s Advocate (horrible phrase choice here) but just giving a small bit of how that could sound a bit hypocritical to a non-believer reading some of these comments.

  88. Jesus WILL!!!..return with saints and angels in triumph over the darkness in this world and the evil one, the big fat liar. Every knee shall bow. Come soon LORD JESUS


  89. Probably the biggest reason we don’t hear about news in Africa is we are Westerners. It is not local news. Manchester is local news and we are allies with the UK. It certainly isn’t wrong to grieve with them. Typically as westerners we “get each other” and have each other’s back.

    This atrocity does not go unseen by the Lord though and as a believer that lives in the Western world and yes we are not perfect I grieve with these that are beloved and pray for their families. Injustice is done both near and far no matter where you live.

    Jesus is still Lord. Amen

  90. Between the years 20000-2004, I lived through the terror onslaught that ravaged Israel, known as the Second Intifada. Over that period of time, over 1,000 Israelis, many of them young people, were blown to smitherines for simply being Jewish infidels living in their historic and God-give homeland. Although the casualty count in such a small country was akin to over 30 World Trade Center attacks, each attack…a bus or cafe being blown up, sometimes daily…barely merited a blip on the American and European news. Even worse, the victims were often td by hypocritical westerners that they were somehow responsible for their plight (by not giving concessions to Muslim enemies of Israel). I can’t help but think some of this is racist…I.e., Israeli and other Middle Eastern lives simply don’t matter as much as English and French lives do in the Western conscience.

  91. The article tells us when it happened.
    “When 22 people died outside a concert hall in Manchester, England, the media coverage was wall to wall. The cry went up that something must be done! ….. Five days later, 29 Christians in Egypt died when terrorists attacked their bus.”

    That would have been the 27th

  92. It could also be that there is soooo much violence in that part of the world it is considered common place.

  93. I am convinced we in America haven’t all learned the cost of our convictions. We need to anti up and stand strong for Him and be more bold in our faith.

  94. I disagree with the writer: The most difficult question facing the American church today is not “Why do bad things happen to good people?” We already know the answer to that question: character, faith and the purposes of God. The harder question is this one: What is a Christian, anyway?

    It is answered in Genesis and Matthew, Mark, Luke, John. Look for the red – lettering, if nothing else.

    Jesus was treated horribly when he walked this earth. He never let sin against him produce sin in him. And he told us, “follow me”. Then he gave his life on a cross, crucified, and was not bitter about it. He reappears and says make disciples and teach them everything I taught you. (Reread Gospels here to see what he taught by the life he modeled).

    Following Jesus isn’t so we can live comfortably. Jesus’ name is not synonymous with “abracadabra”. Faith isn’t a pill to try out and see if “works”. Being a follower of Jesus is not to make our lives more comfortable, get a better job, find a spouse, etc. We really need to reread the Bible if the most difficult question facing the “American” church today is; what is a Christian, anyway?


    1. Amen. I am SO SICK of seeing these posts on FB about how God blessed me with NEW GLASSES. Or God will bless you if you post this 20 times. It’s ludicrous. God does not care about glasses and if your arm hurts. One a site I USED to be part of, people were constantly asking for prayer because somebody sprained an ankle, or a grandfather passed away Peacefully in his sleep. One was a a person they USED to know, years ago, their friend commuted suicide. So a person they didn’t even know. They were ASKING FOR PRAYER because it was so sad. People in America take out freedom to worship for granted. Our right to be a PUBLIC BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST is slowly being taken away. And ppl want prayer for a sprained ankle.

      1. “Rejoice evermore; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks, for this is the will of God concerning you in Christ Jesus.” Your angst is a little over the top for the point you are making. Yes, we often lose sight of the right perspective of what is really important, but it never hurts to pray or ask for prayer. A sprained ankle means that person can’t share the gospel so easily; how beautiful on the mountain are the feet of them that bring good news. When it’s your own sprained ankle, suddenly it’s a big problem. Have patience and grace with your fellow believers, as you would have them show to you. That is, if you are a true believer. Would Jesus rant at His children because they prayed to him about their little problems? No, he is happy to have such an intimate relationship with them. ALL of our problems are small in His eyes.

  95. It’s all true!!! And another thing. Pastors and preachers are afraid to preach the Truth in this country for fear of loosing bodies in pews. So now it’s OK to sin all the time and to never hear that THE WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH.

  96. “Why so bad things happen to good people?” Pointless question. Your answer is wrong. The correct answer is that there is NO SUCH THING as a good person.

    1. I find that statement to be so shallow. While in God’s eyes, all are tainted with sin, obviously monsters like Hitler and Isis fighters are far worse people than Mother Theresa and the like. It’s your kind of statement that causes many people to think evangelicals are simpletons/non-nuanced thinkers. So, it is perfectly reasonable to ask “why bad things happen to good people.” Why does God let bad things happen to his own children, the “born again”? Since He Himself uses the metaphor that likens him to a father, what earthy father allows their own children to be tortured and raped? It is obviously a far from perfect metaphor. I one time heard a born again Christian woman, who was stabbed multiple times and left for dead ask how God, who in the Bible says he is her father, could just stand by and let that happen. Every sinning earthly father would jump in-between the child and the attacker, even at there risk of their own death. That is an honest, soul-searching question that deserves a better, more thought out answer than the fluff, “there is no such thing as a good person.”

  97. Reblogged this on Musings From A Cranky Conservative and commented:
    This makes me ashamed and angry on many levels, I do not believe I could be that courageous in the face of death. This shames me and probably many others who will choose to remain silent. The anger comes from it happening and being ignored by the mainstream media after an initial halfhearted report. We all understand in this fallen world that evil exists and there are going to be martyrs, but this is doesn’t excuse what happened. The fact that I was unaware of what happened until today tells me that coverage was minimal at best. The post below explains why both things can be explained very simply is clearly explained but angers me because the truth sometimes hurts.
    I am ashamed by the depth of my belief and sometimes despair I will ever change, this both angers and ashames me. Please read the post below and I hope that you can take something positive from what the author writes.

  98. To Steve from Israel, I remember very well that horrible time when almost every day we would hear of another horrible bombing of innocent people in one of the cities in Israel. On the contrary, we were horrified! Please don’t think people didn’t care. And yes, it was in the news a LOT. (Can’t believe I’m defending the news right now. Ironic). I have many friends visiting that holy land this year and I always think of that time and pray they are safe. The Jewish people are our brothers and sisters…

    1. Agreed. My neighbors here in Pennsylvania are wonderful Egyptian Muslims, and I think they are a “godsend” for the very reason you cite. And, being that they are wonderful neighbors, I think it’s also to remind me of Victor Frankel’s famous s quote about there only being two races, the decent and the indecent.

  99. Sorry but I would not die like that…I am a Christian but I would tell them yes I will convert then I would join a resistant group and my life would then be to kill those bastards as many as possible before I died…

  100. I think it had more to do with what country the incidents occurred. What if the bus shooting/execution happened in England and the bombing occurred in Egypt?

  101. I wholeheartedly believe in Jesus Christ! What a testimony those people on the bus were today. The USA is infiltrated with these terrorists. Thank you Jesus for putting Trump in. Bernie Sanders. You desperately need Jesus Christ who you recently opposed an appointment for WHeaton College graduate who remained firm about Jesus.
    May all of us on that bus be the same witnesses as those wonderful martyrs of our Savior were. They are truly in heaven now.

    1. what about trump reflects the love of jesus? you are projecting your own american values on a religion that does not adhere to any political party.

  102. I’m trying to get it clear…
    Did Jesus say, …”pick up a cross and follow me”..
    We need be very careful to lay words in Jesus’s mouth..
    People (translators and church doctrine) caused some changes to original scriptures over time…
    According to the Islamic view Jesus was the Son of Man as He said around 40 times in the Bible. But OTHERS (people) said that Jesus was the Son of God (around 80 times in the Bible).
    (References available on request).
    This is one fundamental difference between the two great religions, causing serious problems.
    Extremist’s, fundamentalists and misunderstanding are doing a great wrong before the one and only God.
    God will bring justice to all this dreadful actions in the end.
    May God send Jesus (the risin) back to bring understanding, peace and justice to this life, and in so doing, complete His work.

  103. No compare that with Christian terrorist nations killing millions of Muslims in Iraq Afghanistan Libya Myanmar Syria Pakistan and all types of discrimination in USA, Europe, China, Sri Lanka Thailand India and other parts of the world.

  104. Apparently the author of this piece missed the story in the New York Times, which contains color photos, interviews with authorities, and all of the tragic details.

    1. Most people are surprised by the details today because while the event was covered, it was not covered as broadly or for as many days as Manchester.

  105. It’s tempting to think that the US media is ignoring the attack because they’re Christians, but that’s simply not true. They’re ignoring the attack because it didn’t happen in a western nation. Americans don’t care if people were killed in Egypt, whether they be Christian, Muslim or atheist.

    To make my point, think of the Charlie Hebdo attack on January 7, 2015. Twelve people died in Paris, and the world reacted. It was all over every news station. There was a giant solidarity parade with world leaders from around the world.

    From January 3-7, 2015, Boko Haram carried out its largest attack ever. The town of Baga, Nigeria was emptied of it’s 10,000 occupants after Boko Haram attacked and burned most the town to the ground. Estimates put the death count at around 2,000.

    It made a few news organizations. Mostly in the form of a single story, before being forgotten.

    Those people were mostly Muslim. So the issue isn’t the fact that those murdered in Egypt were Christian. It’s that they weren’t western. America doesn’t care if you’re not western.

  106. So, if the Muslims who committed these atrocities are labeled as terrorists, what do we call the Christians who have just recently run amok in Sudan, killing and maiming like there was no tomorrow? Perhaps we could smugly call them “freedom fighters,” ?

    1. That Christians are taking up arms is an exaggeration on your part and has nothing to do with the truth. They might take up arms to protect themselves, their church’s and their homes from the Government of Sudan among others from destroying them.
      However you should understand that scripture predicts to us “men of violence among your own people shall lift themselves up in order to fulfil the vision; but they shall fail.

    2. I cannot help myself; your words are aggravating to me.
      The Zeitgeist has the whole world reeling, we call it political correctness but in fact it is a hook in the nose. God is giving the whole world over to the beast. The world will follow it with wonder as the saints are sacrificed like lambs to the slaughter. Those who are known by God perceive it. There is nothing to prove, there is no war to be waged, no battles to be won.
      “It is finished.”
      Read what the scriptures say, the spirit of God IS the word of God.
      Among the mature is imparted wisdom, although it is not a wisdom of this age or of the rulers of this age, who are doomed to pass away. But it is a secret and hidden wisdom of God, which God decreed before the ages. None of the rulers of this age understood this; for if they had, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory. But God reveals truths through the Spirit. For the Spirit searches everything, even the depths of God. For what person knows a man’s thoughts except the spirit of the man which is in him? So also no one comprehends the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God. Now we have received not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit which is from God, that we might understand the gifts bestowed on us by God. And we impart this in words not taught by human wisdom but taught by the Spirit, interpreting spiritual truths to those who possess the Spirit. The unspiritual man does not receive the gifts of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him, and he is not able to understand them because they are spiritually discerned.
      And I perceive a deception.
      I encourage you both to stop thinking in terms of the media ( which is made of human being with their own thoughts ) but think in terms of the Spirit and what is driving the Spirit of this world. God is capable of changing the hearts of men do not think anything is beyond His abilities to mold. He has made clear His Plans from the beginning and the God of the Crescent Moon and Star is no stranger to Him.

  107. It’s because Egypt is the UK. It’s not even close to the UK. Where as Manchester is a city IN the UK. If the UK media reported on killings around the world for days and days, it would become the world’s most depressing country for newsale ever.

  108. I’m sorry, these martyrs have really given up their lives for Jesus! All over the place there is such devotion to God, and this puts me to shame. Righteousness is here, which silences everything and let’s God’s authority be known.

    1. They didn’t give up their lives for Christ, they have eternal life. They left a world full of death to enter the place where it is wall to wall life. Total life in every aspect.

      1. T2gospel,
        Please remove my comment to John Mcjilton. I apologize to him and all for the pride and arrogant manner of my communication. What is truth encapsulated in a prideful indulgence if not the exposure of a hypocrite, me. Sorry for the strife. It’s unworthy of his stripes.

      2. Yes you are right . The murders found the quickest way to hell n those who bravely died for
        Christ found the quickest way to life in heaven called “raptures ”
        This is the meaning of picking up ones cross n following Jesus with full conciousness of what one is doing NOT the “rapture” people are talking about without pain n suffering for choosing Christ Jesus. It is sad the way they died but I personally rejoice for the joy they now know knows no bound.🙌

  109. Not answering all of the comments, just my own take on the original:
    Very sad, because different cultures treat ‘news’, differently. Sad, too, that we are aware of all these heinous acts and graphic images and feel a need to have it spread across the globe at all.
    The fact that bad things happen to good people is because there is an enemy (in the spirit realm) out to kill, steal and destroy; and he has captured the weak-willed minds of a desperate people and brain-washed them.
    As far as the media goes, most are blind to the goodness of God – His passion for all to know His Son and the benefits of His redemption. The spirit of this world knows not the spirit that dwells within us (1 Corinthians 2:12, for one).
    Also, many Christians live in their own perception of what the Gospel is: how it’s been taught to them; how it’s been preached with power bringing miracles, signs & wonders or… watered down with false doctrine, leaving them in complacency and fear. Get a Bible; get a good teacher; be filled with the Holy Spirit and know what God’s will and promises are for your lives!
    Many Christians, who are called to ‘stand in the gap’, intercede and pray for the nations – even our country – are making a difference that we don’t always naturally see. Many, too, are in the trenches, reaching out to all who will receive their love, help and a new life, in Christ.
    You ask, ‘what is a Christian, anyway?’ but I might ask, too:
    Where are the impassioned, unbiased ones, Christian or not, who have been called to report the news to us, good or bad? Why are Christians so quick to judge, when they don’t really know the Word of God (Jesus), nor do they seek an intimate relationship with Him?
    The answers are clear: 1. Many Christians have yet to really believe and accept Jesus as their Savior and be filled with the Spirit of God (who gives us revelation and helps us discern all matters/manners of life). 2. Many Christians need to hear a good foundation of the first four books of the New Testament and start believing that God is loving and good (not out to harm us). 3. Encouragement, in the way of showing God’s love (that good ol’ love chapter in 1 Corinthians 13), and shared among us and to the world. After all, it is the love we have for God that will take us from, and we will find joy in all we do – even unto death!
    And, finally…
    “We look away from the natural realm and fasten our gaze onto Jesus, Who birthed faith… within us; and leads us forward into faith’s perfection! His example – [yes, His example] – is this: Because His heart was filled with the joy of knowing that you would be His, He endured… the agony of the cross! Conquered its humiliation! And now, sits exalted at the right hand of the throne of God!”
    If we are to do greater things than He, to bring change to our sphere of influence, will we also respond to His call… in a blaze of joy & glory… and lay our lives down for our Friend?

    1. Wow – so true and comprehensive. Be open to the miraculous love of Christ who, with The Holy Spirit can give us a new heart.

    2. Pp
      That was amazing!!!! Thanks for that 🙂 I’m truly happy and blessed to have found that to read!!! 🙂 ✝

  110. It is a sad reality that many of us in the “West” have no real connection with the Middle East. Yes, we find these acts atrocious, but few of us feel it personally. Australian media coverage of Manchester was just as low key as any mention of what’s going on in Egypt.

    I would also admonish you against criticising “Christians” who don’t attend “Church” every week. There is no specific building required for real Worship in the Holy Spirit. I know people who are more “Christian” than many who attend “Church” like clock-work. When any two people meet in the Lord’s name, be it a private house or a coffee shop, the Holy Spirit still touches those individuals.

    Further, there will be many, like myself, who do not profess to be of any particular religion. You may think that casts me out from the “saved”, but that is your OPINION and certainly not what Jesus has to say in the New Testament.

    Many know the Spirit in their hearts without needing an “authority” to dictate what they are supposed to believe.

    I grieve for every life lost, regardless of the person’s external accoutrements that supposedly demonstrate “faith”.

    You know not how many of us walk among you whose deeds set an example instead of mere words.

    1. Mic
      I agree with much of what you say. I would caution you regarding your statement about having “no particular religion”. Jesus did say that “no one shall come to the Father except through the Son”. Having other beliefs that do not place Him at the head of the religion simply will not get someone to heaven, regardless of supposed works.

      1. That is so misguided and why the Bible is just a man written novel!! Your saying that the Jewish, people who’ve been persecuted far longer than Christianity has been a religion, are doomed, since they put GOD at the head of their religion and believe Jesus, who by the way was born a Jew and died a Jew, was a prophet!! Really think Jesus or GOD would put the Jewish people, of which Jesus was, below the saving of Christians? There’s a very good reason Jews are known as “The Chosen People”!! That being the man Jesus, whom Christians call their “Savior” was a Jew and will save his own 1st!! Believe as you wish, but you’re wrong when quoting the Bible to justify your beliefs!! By the way I’m a stay at home Christian, who doesn’t put 2 cents in the Bible and it’s man made-up fantasy stories and aim to propagandize people into believe they’re special!! Church attendance is down, because people are waking up and instead of paying some guy to tell them when and how to pray and his interpretation of the Bible!! Also, wasting money to pay a building’s mortgage, upkeep and utilities doesn’t help the people and charities that need that could put that money to good use!! I choose to pray when I want, where I want and how I want!! Also, to put any money I’d give to attend church, towards a charity(s) of my choice!! I feel for those Christians in Egypt and all people being slaughtered by terrorists around the world!! But study the Holocaust and Jewish history, and you’ll see what persecution is!! Also, I’m handicapped and disabled with severe osteoarthritis and severe chronic pain, but my church going, choir singing sister won’t help me financially, as I’m on SSDI and behind in many bills and no TV to help distract a little from my pain 24/7/365 pain!! She’s perfectly able to do so, until I receive my inheritance, from my 90 yr. old, dementia ridden abusive to me as a child, went to church every Sunday, mother!! Many times beaten, as soon as we got home from church!! And a whale swallowed a man and he lived to talk about it? One boat, ark, whatever one wants to call it, really contained all the animals of the world together in peaceful existence? Must’ve rained creatures for 40 days and 40 nights to get them onboard, before the flood and going hungry for 40 days, as carnivores eat other animals, omnivores eat animals and plants and herbivores need lots of plant life and certain types of it to survive!!

      2. I hurt with you, friend, and will be praying for you. I hope God will bring something good out of all the pain you have endured.

      3. The Bible also makes it very clear that “good works” (as it was so graciously put) cannot get you into heaven (Ephesians 2: 8 & 9 • “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith–and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God–not by works, so that no one can boast.”)

  111. The real reason the media barely touches a story like this is because it exposes the lie that Islam is a religion of peace.

    1. These must have been extremists because Islam is a religion based on peace. Funny thing is every religion is based on peace. It’s the extremists of every religion that are the root of the evil happening in this world. More lives have been lost in this world based on religion. The extremists of every religion makes the religion in itself look bad. I am not saying this is right I’m saying this is very wrong and extremists are very very wrong. I feel awful for all of those people but glad that they did not conform to what the extremist wanted of them to do. May they rest I peace with God, amen.

      1. I must disagree that Islam is a religion of peace. To come to that conclusion one must overlook not only the actions of violent zealots which we call can agree can do more harm than good in any name, but one must also overlook the foundations of Islam and its “prophet”. One has to overlook his view on things like when it is and isn’t acceptable to kill. One must overlook his own warlord like values and the many that he himself killed. While one might take issue with Christians regarding things like the crusades (a discussion unto itself) or take issue with things done by people who claimed to be Christian, the stumbling block becomes Jesus’ own words “love thy neighbor as thyself” and “love your enemies” and “pray for those that spitefully use you” and then ultimately the sacrifice that Christ made. So, while there may be a few violent “christians”, not only are they few and far between but also have no foundation upon which to reconcile their actions to their alleged faith. However, that is not the case with Islam. From passages in the Koran advocating for killing infidels to the less than virtuous nature of its warlord founder, concluding that Islam is a “religion of peace” is a conclusion not supported by facts.

      2. matt, slavery was justified using the bible. the bible belt were avid in slavery, no? and there are plenty of violent passages in the bible. have you read any of the old testament? there are verses in the quran that similarly advocate for peace, love, and kindness:

        Indeed, Allah enjoins justice, and the doing of good to others; and giving like kindred; and forbids indecency, and manifest evil, and wrongful transgression. He admonished you that you may take heed. (Al Quran 16:91)

        They ask thee what they shall spend. Say: ‘Whatever of good and abundant wealth you spend should be for parents and near relatives and orphans and the needy and the wayfarer. And whatever good you do, surely Allah knows it well.’ (Al Quran 2:216)

        Those who believe and do good deeds — the Gracious God will create love in their hearts. (Al Quran 19:97)

        It may be that Allah will grant love (and friendship) [mawadda] between you and those whom ye (now) hold as enemies. For Allah has power (over all things); and Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (Al Quran 60:7)

        have you ever met a moderate muslim? sorry to burst your bubble but there are over a million muslims. if all of them based their beliefs off something rooted in violence and not peace, we’d all be dead. you need to stop it with the ignorance.

  112. Thank you for this report! Excellent! I used your post in my latest video. I am very thankful for people who #FightTheGoodFight and spread truth! Keep up the great work. Here is a link to that video. I have other political topics, but addressed these Christians killed toward the end of the video. #ComeyHearing #ComeyCaughtInLies #29ChristiansKilled, #HumaAbedinFamilyHomeRaided #Pedogate PleaseWatchShareSub

  113. God bless those courageous souls! They truly are martyrs and I feel so small in comparison. However, it made a huge impact with me, and will never be forgotten!

  114. I am an American and live in Tennessee. I read about all the Christian that are mass murdered. I believe by not renouncing Christ it give us a stronger resolve to Christ and our faith. We are not turning our back to the Christian’s in other countries. I would like to fight Muslims for you if i could.😞

    1. Our call is not to fight Muslims. It is the preaching the Gospel- to everyone who has not yet received it. Jesus admonished Peter against taking up the sword against they that were coming against him. He warned that they who live by the sword shall die by it. And the martyrs of the early days were not told to fight against the Roman empire that was feeding them to the lions. They were encouraged to continue preaching about Christ in word and deed. Of course, it is very hard not to attack when we are being attacked. But that is what Christ has called us to. And the real test is obedience to that call.

  115. As an ex-christan now a free-thinking athiest, when I see things like this, it speaks volumes to the depths of how continuous reinforcement of religious indoctrination leaves people in faith based belief systems so vulnerable to give up their lives in defense of it. So sad.

    1. Hi, Marie. I’m sorry you had a bad experience with church people. I would agree with you that when you stack the atheistic worldview up against the Christian worldview, it’s clear that lives are being wasted on one side or the other. Only eternity will tell. Blessings!

    2. You’re so right, although I’m a non-church going Christian who doesn’t believe in the Bible and believes all good people will go to Heaven!! No matter what ones belief, lying to save ones life won’t hurt your inner faith, whatever that may or may not be!! Atheist have every right to feel as they do, but are ostracized by many for doing so!! So much religious hypocrisy!!

  116. Hi. What is the source of this information? Can you direct me to interviews with survivors of this brutal attack? Has actual journalism been done on this or is this article just hear say?


    1. Hey, Matt. The event was recounted by some 40 survivors who were watching from the second bus. As always happens in eyewitness testimony, there are slight variations is details from one account to another, but all apparently described the martyr’s unwillingness to recant their faith. Here are a couple of sources to get you started:

      1. In a day, this story has been removed from the website. Could just be an error or it could be media not letting attention go towards the massacre. Dang and I was really trying to find it to read as well.

  117. I am elated to discover another site committed to bringing the type of exhortation our churches in America need today. Once a soul has traveled abroad to countries where Christians are heavily persecuted for their unwavering faith in Jesus, and then returns to their own church in he U.S. it gives them a sick feeling in their gut. The most powerful and Spirit filled worship I’ve been a part of took place in a dilapidated structure with no furnishing whatsoever, and the congregants sat on the floor. That’s how God revealed my own need to me. I think the majority of Christians in the west need a strong recommitment to Christ Jesus. Blessings

  118. The reason although heartly felt for Egypt the tragedys happened in OUR country and thats why it gets coverage and we care so much because its close to home, however how the worlds media covers the attrocities is down to them..

  119. I confess: I am not religious, do not believe in any god. Why would a god accept that his of her followers get killed? What does a god need? Worshippers, alive ones! Today there is but one religion that slaughters people because they ‘believe’ in the wrong god. These people are no real muslims. They are simply people who like to murder others and use ‘their religion’ as a poor excuse. Why does the media only mentions the one massacre and put the other one for days in the headlines? Well I am no publischer Manchester is what we westerners know, we do not need to ‘google’ Manchester and because of this it sells. I feel sorry for all the people who get killed because somone else thinks they believe in the wrong god. I believe that if there would be a god this god would not allow his follwers to get killed or to kill. I know I shock many of you and I can inmagen a lot of you will not agree with my maner of thinking. I hope you can forgive me and please do not kill me. I gladly invite you in my home, have a drink (koffee, thee or else), have a nice meal and call eachother ‘friend’. If we, humanity could only accomplish this there would much less killing, no matter what anyone believes.

    1. Hi Erwin! Thanks for your respectful honesty. If you plan to do some summer reading, think about “Silence” by Shusaku Endo; or the Gospel of Mark in the Bible. Grace and peace to you.

    2. Dear unbeliever. God does not need me to justify Him. But i want you to know that He does not intervene YET in these issues…all those who had their lives taken are in eternal love, peace, and joy. I have been there to see them cross that threshold and saw the joy in their eyes. I have also been at the bed of a patient who did not believe there was life after death….good or bad….and i saw the torture he went thru as he passed. God only permits the ugly so He can maybe get someone like you to see what is happening and to believe. His desire is that not one soul, not one person
      Would be lost. He himself died on the cross to take atone for our sins that there would even be a possibility for us to have a second chance. What if i am right and you are wrong? I would be happy to speak further on this. But at the least, i will be praying that your heart would change toward Him. The truth will never change, just because people do not believe it. It takes faith…and that comes from hearing the truth….hearing of those that have their lives taken rather than turn from the truth just to save their skin. I pray you seek further…facts rather than feelings. Read
      ” evidence that demands a verdict” Jesus
      Was truly part of history. I ‘d give my life so you might know this as truth. You will feel peace and joy like you never have in your life. We dont hate you. We love you
      And pray for your salvation.. blessings to you.

      1. Amen. What a great response. I too recommend that book, it gets down into the gritty details and examines biblical fact from a believers and non-believers view. And Tim Kellers “The Reason For God.” Above any book you read, the only one that comes directly from God, the Bible, is a great place to start (and end, apart from suplication.) I believe it is important to KNOW God, not just know about Him. It is then that we can truly love Him, because we know how great a sacrifice He made to ransom us. I try always to remember that mercy is not getting what we deserve and grace, the receiving of what we don’t deserve. That way we cannot boast as Christians but are just fragile clay jars with the light given to us by Him to go out and make disciples. It hurts to see so many lost, but I am assured in Him that He works in all situations both great and small, so that we, His people, can proclaim His Glory. The Bible does not say the life of a believer would be without strife, in act, it tells us we will indeed face many difficulties. It also says that our faith grows through adversity. It is during times of struggle that Gods’ goodness abounds even more, making much of Him. The question about how “a god” could “let bad things happen” sadly displays the ignorance of humanity. Our God doesn’t “let” bad things happen but rather is in all things. We don’t have to understand (nor could we truly comprehend) in order to believe. That is what faith is, (Hebrews 11:1) and even our very faith is from Him and not our own. Our God has already saved us from all the “bad things” when He died a gruesome, selfless, perfect death on the cross. One day every knee will bow and ALL the nations will know His name and know that He is God. A clay pot does not question the potter, rather he just is a clay pot. This life was not given to us so that we could go around making much of ourselves but to make much of Him who created the universe and all life within it. We don’t question that. We are not God. We are clay pots.

    3. if you wonder about the disparity in coverage, just follow the money. M ost of the fighting and killing in the world is motivated by obtaining some political or financial advantage for the aggressors. In this regard, the USA is one of the worst offenders. We finance a lot of the atrocities in the middle east and I hope there is a final reckoning for those who hold the fate of so many in their hands and act on the side of expediency & profit.

  120. It is the power of God through Christ Jesus that changes people’s lives and willing to die for their faith. This is not about religion, not about you and I, but, “Thy will to be done on earth as it is in heaven!” There is a cost of following Jesus and all believers are aware of it either you lived in Iraq, Europe or the south Pacific unless you don’t believe the Son of God who is coming back to judge the human race! When one in the body of Christ is hurting prosecuted all believers should be hurting. If one don’t feel this action upon a brother or a sister is not for us to judge but pray because vengeance belong to the Lord the battle is His and revenge is Him alone. We who are given the opportunity each day to live it is our responsibility to continue spreading the gospel so many will be saved. My love and prayers to the saints who gave their lives and families and friends who left behind in Jesus name. Blessings to all!!

  121. First I posted this tragedy the day it happened not sure which newspaper reported it but many of my friends posted it as well. Second I posted because it reminded me of Incendies. So the premise that the new world order neglects others’ pain is not an accurate assumption. May those who suffer such brutal hatred rest in peace.

  122. An extremely unfair comparison. Egypt is not, to the Western world, a civilized nation due to the religious persecution that goes on there. When something happens in the UK, it’s much “closer to home” so of course the media goes nuts.

    Let’s use our heads and stop pretending Christians are anything but the favored majority in the US and in much of Europe. Doing anything less is to deny who we are.

    1. Favored majority! More like the hated! Did you hear how Bernie Sanders treated a prospective cabinet member just because he was a Christian that held to actual Christian beliefs? Is it legal or not to marry someone of the same sex? Are the ten commandments in courthouse foray’s or in schools? We are built in Christian history but was it actually Christ following or men pretending. Still a fair comparison because attacks happen in non western (muslim majority) countries and the media does not cover it. In this he is speaking of persecution. Christians (non-cultural but actual Jesus and Bible believing Christians) are quickly becoming the most hated religious group in the United States and by far are not the favored majority.

      1. she didn’t mean favored in the sense that we are some sort of theocracy. we believe in the separation of church and state which is a normal thing among advanced countries. what she meant is that if a christian is killed by a muslim, everyone turns their heads thinking islamic terrorism, but we rarely hear when the same situation occurs with the roles reversed. only recently are radical christians being even called “terrorists,” and still this is rarely heard. even if the news doesn’t call a victim “christian,” they usually tend to be as this is the majority of the country in terms of religious backgrounds. she is saying that christians are seen as victims in this country rather than oppressors: we support israel despite their share of atrocities committed against palestine, we turn a blind eye when muslims are killed by extremists like ISIS around the world, and yet we go crazy if victims are christian. just because we allow gay marriage and don’t showcase the 10 commandments doesn’t mean christians don’t get preferential treatment. we support christians but we are NOT a theocracy (and never were or intended to be!).

    2. Christians should be the “favored” majority in the US, but if you believe this to be true you’ve had your head buried somewhere it shouldn’t be. One must be either a Muslim or from some minority group to hold such a position in the “progressive” (actually “regressive”) political atmosphere of today’s reality. Despite what you may have been told by the “talking box” in your living room, the United States was founded by Christians and is very accepting and tolerant of the views of others. It is also incumbent upon (as well as common sense, really) those who come here to respect the the religious views of others. That is not happening and if one were to truly intellectualize the situation in the US, since 9/11, one would have to be amazed that there are even any Muslims left in this nation–as well as the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, etc. But, if those people don’t start policing their own, they’re gonna discover what happens to those who push our traditionally long-suffering citizens past the point of intelligent tolerance. And, despite the nonsense promulgated by your “talking box” there have been no attacks against Muslims, blacks, etc, rather the opposite–but those days may be ending sooner rather than later.

  123. The truth of this is outrageous! As a country, we are ignoring the atrocities happening to our Christian brothers and sisters, just like we did in the time of Nazi Germany with the Jews and minorities.

  124. I just found this site, and love the respectful debates and discussion of our precious Heavenly Father. Thank you 💜 ✝

    1. Come now, those aren’t “Christians” and Christians everywhere would denounce them–unlike Muslims. No one believes that all Muslims are bad, but please don’t try to conflate the two. Not only is it dishonest, it could also indicate that the person doing so is an intellectual reject. What happens in Africa is a disgrace and has absolutely nothing to do with Christianity.

      1. Hey Machiavelli, I hear you and get what you’re saying. But I gotta step up for the brothers and sisters in Africa. I believe you’re thinking about the political militants who take Christian names to win sympathy (i.e. The Lord’s Army.) But beyond those counterfeits, there are amazing things happening in churches across the continent. And some of the finest saints I’ve ever met are serving the Lord in Africa. Just had to correct that generalization. Thanks for the feedback.

  125. Does being killed for being a Christian by Islamists make the Christian religion true? Does being a martyr for Islam make the Islamic religion true? Does being killed in Pakistan for being a secular blogger make atheism true? No amount of killing or belief makes something true.

  126. These murderers are cowards. They are totally devoid of honor, decency and courage. And, what happens when they’re confronted by citizens (such as the SOO)? They run away and cry racism. The wimp politicians who keep allowing the invasion of their nations by these Neanderthals had better stop before the long-suffering citizens of these nations have had enough. Because when that limit is reached, these cowardly, dishonorable, murdering pigs are gonna wish that they had remained in whatever hellhole they came from.

  127. Hi. That’s the truth. The media don’t want to lose their clients, because that’s what’s going to happen when they know Jesus and understand that those martyrs are now adoring the Saviour face to face.

    I would like to translate that to Portuguese so other people can have access to such rich texts. Waiting for your permission to do so.


    Fernando Bastos.
    Bridge for Peace Brazil.

  128. Reading this compelling article seemed like I was slapped with shame, but so grateful that we have God who knows what’s best for us. Is it ok to repost? Thank you sir and God bless you. I will try to start following you.

  129. I live in Australia, I am a Christian, yes I am aware of what happened in Manchester I also am also aware of what happened in Eygypt, all I can say is – dare I identify myself as their sister, would I have that faith if placed in that situation, I can only hope I would. We do care and we are praying.

  130. Ummm, that was utterly, utterly stupid of them. That wasnt strong faith, that was ego and pride. Jesus would of wanted them to live, and just say “ok im a muslem” he would of understood. Human life is more valuable, then you trying to devalue their lives for the idea of faith.

    1. Hi, Amy! Some think human life is so priceless that they are willing to depart the Earth early in order to give others a chance at life. As the legendary missionary, Jim Elliott, wrote shortly before his death among the Waorani, “He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.” Shalom!

    1. Hey Alex, many are blissfully unaware that the most widespread slaughter of innocents in world history has been Hitler’s holocaust, Stalin’s Ukraine starving season, Pol Pot’s purge, and the slaughter of a million people in Rwanda. None of these had anything to do with religion: all were about government and politics. But strangely, I’ve heard no one demanding the end of government or calling utopian socialists mentally ill. God’s best to you.

      1. hitler killed jews. jews practice judaism. i wonder, what is judaism?

        stalin’s gulags killed 50+ million people over the course of several years; ukraine was only a fraction of this period’s fatalities, to be blunt. stalin was a purveyor of atheism and persecuted people who were religious, some included christians.

        the khmer rougue segregated people based on their ethnic and religious beliefs.

        rawanda is a classic example of colonialism causing chaos. catholic/protestant churches, which were brought THROUGH colonialist conversion efforts, actually played a role in the ethnic segregation which led to the genocide.

        tldr: religion is involved (in SOME way) in all of these and more (!!).

  131. This should come as no surprise. The media is a corporation just like any other clothes for the money. There is no real “Investigative journalism”, anymore, says Charlie Rose, one of the last of this dying breed. So sad, yes but the world is lost. Try not to dwell on the wrong foot God has said, you always have suffering, so you may have the chance to show compassion.” ,-Jesus.
    I try not to dwell on the negative for it will hone in you a critical spirit who eventually will not be able to see your joy God puts in every day. Yes it’s important to know what is happening in the world as our sin ever multiplies. But I’ve read the book, and I know how it ends. Angie’s ever close last days it is not an easy task. But , God is love and one story house with me or go of God’s love wipes away all the darkness of the media coverage of a secular horrific massacre. In the Bible God says 68 times, fear not. It is hard to do, but it is the vessel that brings joy every morning. thing

  132. Very well said and a wake up call to all of us. We are in the end times and must get ready to receive the King

  133. In places like Minya, Africa, ect. They call on the name of the Lord before police or medical help as well. They have a faith in the healer and Savior that is far more valuable to human life. Jesus is the way the truth and the Life!!!!

  134. With the current state of affairs in the US and around the world, every American should be in their knees daily asking for forgiveness in the way we worship God and our church by only going to church when it is convenient. We should be on our knees daily thankful for Gods goodness and love for us. Only by prayers will we turn thus troubled world around. Our churches should be packed every Sunday asking for Gods help to turn the 🌎 world from a hateful world to a loving world where peace will prevail!

  135. You are wrong. The good people in America care Christian or not the good people care.. Its the media that are not telling any one what is going on. The Democrats and the news media in America are trying to destroy our country and they do not care about any thing but taking down America and taking control. We good people of America are so sorry for what the radical Muslims are doing. Its looking more and more like a real war is on the way we in America will be fighting in the streets our self. So stay strong God Bless All People God Bless America. I AM A AMERICAN.

  136. The media did cover this. There was coverage from nearly all of the newspapers and sites I regularly read, along with the details you cite. What there was not was a focus from US individuals. Not one mention from my Facebook feed, for example. Sometimes I think it’s far too easy to blame the media when the problem is us.

    1. Hi Amy. Respectfully, we did not complain that this was not covered by the media. Rather, we noted that it was covered for a couple of days and then, unlike Manchester, left behind. For this reason, most Americans never heard about it.

  137. Thank you for sharing this article. We need to continue to work hard to spread the word regarding these animals.

  138. When is the world going to wake up, people must realise, Muslims will never change, they want to rule the world, they want their barbaric laws to be adhered too, the only answer is to round them all up & put them back into the Middle East, with no passports, these are harsh words, sadly it’s the only way to bring world peace, these Muslims have turned the world, into a very dangerous place, governments have to unite, for any chance of peace!!!

    1. Hi,Gail! I can understand your frustration, but I don’t want to see the government rounding up law abiding citizens, some of whom have served faithfully in our own US military, For generations, our immigration system screened possible immigrants for good health, their ability to support their families, and attitudes that might enable them to assimilate and become patriotic Americans. A return to that kind of vetting would be more humane and less destructive.

  139. What is the source of the photograph paired with the article? I’d like to explain it to others when I share it, please. Thank you.

    1. Hi, Jenny. The photograph is not related to the incident in Minya. The young man is a Syrian Christian who was martyred by ISIL. I used it in the absence of usable photos from Minya because it’s so compelling, and because the theme of the blog was our aversion to martyrdom. It’s apparently from an ISIL website by way of a virulently anti-Muslim website so I won’t share the link. But you may be able to Google it. Shalom.

  140. So sad! But this is so true! The gospel and Christianity has only seems to flourish and give other Christians boldness when persecution abounds. Thank you for sharing this!

  141. This is sad but It is not just Christians being persecuted. It appears that everyone who is not Islamic, no matter what they believe in are under the terrorists hate list for termination.

  142. I truly believe the reason is they are Christians in a Muslim country. They go by their laws and it’s ok to kill Christians to them but when they invade countries it’s a lot different in all actuality. Both religions have been doing this to each other for over 1000 years.

  143. Thank you so much for sharing this so terrifying reality that many believers and unbelievers, need to know. Make a choice to die for Christ is gain…

    1. That is precisely what happens with every flame snuffed out. They are a witness to those who would kill them. Like Stephen who was stoned before the high priest and the “witnesses laid down their garments at the feet of a young man named Saul”
      Saul, the man who as one untimely born would fall off his horse when approached by Jesus and become the author of Romans, Hebrews and other new testament books. A father to a nation. How Stephens witness cut him to the heart. Acts 7

      Muslim extremists know they would never submit themselves to their captors as a Christian would but rather denounce their own faith as al-Taqiyya than to allow themselves to perish under the same circumstance.

      Unlike the story “Where is My cross” while In his heart were the words “that I may honor my Lord”
      Yes, and so we pray for those who would abuse us while our God heaps burning coals upon their heads.

  144. Think about who in this country will take the time to read about this horrific event and I would take all bets that conservatives win. Liberalism has no sympathy for religious attacks, hell they have no problem with PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTION! Liberals only care when it is something to give them an advantage to put foth their agenda.

    1. False. I’m a liberal and this story is absolutely devasting to me. In the same way I don’t lump all Christians into a single category (i.e. Westboro baptists) maybe you’d do well to remember that all liberals aren’t the same either? The problem is that we’ve started lumping each other into groups (us vs. them) a little bit of humanity and love on all sides would go a long way.

      1. Hey Paul, I think many heartland Americans would share your concern that the extreme political left seems out of touch and even authoritarian. But you know this: all Americans are not just alike, all conservatives are not just alike, and all liberals are not just like. Life is never that simple. Thanks for sharing.

      2. That’s False Ed. I am a liberal and this story is heartbreaking. I have shared this story to spread awareness. Ed, lets spread love and not continue to divide us. We are all in this together.

    2. I am a liberal. I read this, looked at the picture and felt sick…all those people including children terrorized hurt and killed? Don’t you DARE suggest liberals could in any way be unmoved by that…

      1. In his book “Who Really Cares” by Syracuse University professor Arthur Brooks he states that “religious Americans who vote Republican are far more likely to be generous to the downtrodden than secular-progressives” to the tune of 70/30.
        It should come as no surprise that liberals are accused of being callus toward persecuted Christians. If you are among the view that do care perhaps you would like to join the 70% of Religious Republicans.

  145. Sad but oh so true , the non Christian world is at WAR not with men but GOD . Soon the SON of GOD will return and every knee will bow .

  146. Some people live “in church” daily-and that is what it’s about. -Living for and with Christ daily! Perhaps, we need to look at the causes for the decline in church attendance in this country…and for one thing-the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ -Jesus never took a dime from anyone, to preach the good news. I’m not against tithing by any means-“Bring the tithe so that there may be meat in my storehouse.” But how is it that the storehouse has been re-purposed and re-defined?!

    1. Pergaps you are not aware of what they do to women and children. You would be tortured and gang raped, starved and beaten, sold for nothing, less than livestock… you would wish you were dead instead of suffering under their constant control. There is NO humanity in a terrorism.

      1. Thank you Amy. Heathen has no belief other than herself and what she can get from others. This is what is wrong with liberals. I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

    2. Said like a true Heathen.
      but there is still hope even for a stump of a tree, or even a smoldering wick.

      “whoever denies me before men, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven”

      These are not merely words in a book, they are words of living waters.

  147. It is so sad, but we are in end time. These killing murdering innocent people happens everywhere. The Christian all over the world are facing all this; but no matter what happen to us Christians never deny our Lord Jesus. They can kill the body but not the soul&spirit. The body dies but spirit goes and be with our Lord.

  148. Why didn’t any of those on the bus, leaving one at a time, being murdered by Islamic minions of Satan, make the decision to fight back? I type this as a Romans 10:9 follower of Yeshua since 7/5/1991.

  149. Where is the socialist Pope? Is he still attacking capitalists, promoting socialism and promoting the hoax blaming humans for global warming.

  150. Our country is too self-righteous to prove to other people we have different religions and God has granted the freedom, in our country, to love him. We are not willing to kill families or ourselves and we won’t bow down to non-maryts that will. Instead, walk in our houses and see crosses and candes and hear grace before every meal. That’s what we do.

  151. How TRUE !! Every word written here is so true. I applaud the writer. But the great thing is, these Martyrs will be sitting at the right hand of God at the end of time and watch the luke warm Christians of the west being spewed out of God’s mouth.

  152. This is devastating- but something just as devastating is the way I’ve witnessed so called Christians reacting to this issue. Blaming the left party or liberals isn’t the answer. That’s exactly what Satan wants. It’s not about our fellow Americans- we should be uniting in love under God regardless of our political beliefs to make this known and to make us more aware of our surroundings. The terrorists, Satan, those are the people we should be fighting. Not ourselves. Yes, the media twists and turns things according to what would be more “interesting” but notice that does not mean liberals. Not all liberals and not all conservatives are alike, Christians choose to turn away from this just as much as liberals. Remember that before turning against your own brother or sister. We shouldn’t allow this difference in political beliefs to divide us so severely- to the point that AS A CHRISTIAN you cast HATE to your brother or sister. Please remember this.

  153. A more likely reason is that there was no barrage of social media posts and video of the attack.
    The media respond to what the world is talking about . The media doesn’t tell people about things the public SHOULD care about . Rather, they respond to things the public has declared they do care about .

  154. I do not think Martyrdom reflects negatively on my Faith. I became born again at the age of 19 and grew up on Martyrs Mirror aka The Bloody Theater, I witnessed on the streets of NY and Boston, I learned rejection is part of being a Christian and that it was nothing personnel.
    “If the world hates you know that it hated ME before it hated you”
    There is a book called Gods War on Terror. The author is a former Muslim and explains in vivid detail the coming of the antichrist. “who is the antichrist but he who denies the Father and the Son”. Islam denies the Father and the Son. He claims in his book that the Muslim Caliphate, destroyed after WWI is the beast that raises out of the sea, who’s head was wounded, and will soon be “reborn”, The world will follow in wonder and in drunken destruction.
    It is not coincidence that we find ourselves steeped in political correctness regarding Islam. Like Jesus who told the fig tree “May no one ever eat fruit from you again” even though he should not have expected a fig because it was not the season for figs. What do you think that means? It shows how God leads our enemy’s by the nose and arrays them against us in order for His Glory to be seen in us who through FAITH trust in His judgment.
    The whole Christian community in America has their chance to acknowledge Christ or Deny Him every day and we should be doing so at work, at school, and in the public square. In our struggle against sin we have not yet resisted to the point of shedding our blood. If and when that day comes those whom God has trained will do as they did 2,000 years ago, some with pure joy, none with anger.
    Some suggest the American Church is the very Church of La-odice′a, neither Hot nor Cold.
    As a witness we all see the weakness the American Church demonstrates toward those who wish to silence the truth.
    What we can do is give out of the bounty God has given us to associations devoted to helping these Christians, Sponsor them into our homes and community’s.
    Get them the Hell out of there.

  155. The name Christian first of all was coined or came into being at Antioch. Unbelievers have the name. It is a genetic term and does not reflect true biblical faith. The church is a body of which Christ is the head . It is not a building, a congregation, a programme or organisation. Across the west a good many “churches” are corporate bodies. Why would and believer is Christ associate with a secular business model. The life is the church also is not a set of programmes. If the HolySpirit is not there, there is only religion. And the religion that God honours is not ritual or disconnected traditions. God bless you all, May He have mercy on us all.

    1. Not sure what you are trying to say, but that the church a corporate structure I cannot disagree. What comes to mind is “You shall not mussel an OX while it is treading out the grain” Therefore a pastor should be able to workout his own living through those who benefit from his work. The world and its tax structure force the Church into its forms of business.
      Otherwise it was not always so but all lived in common.
      That said ” I despise your feasts, and I take no delight in your solemn assemblies.
      Clearly a reference to “better to obey than to offer sacrifice”.
      Yet in another place, we are encouraged that we not to neglect to meet together, as is the habit of some. ( of which I am one ).

      But that God honors ritual and tradition there is no doubt, The Jewish nation is proof of that.
      Their rituals and traditions are a witness to their God and ours to whom we have been grafted,only they are yet enlightened. Glory be to God on THAT day when their full inclusion will mean life from the dead.

  156. I challenge people to examine the Israeli Supreme Court Building in detail. It’s replete with a Christian Cross in it’s design to be trampled upon as you descend into the courtyard. Christians need to wake up that Zionists ARE NOT pro-Christian. This building was funded and built with money from the Rothschild family. Google it!!!

  157. I understand the point that’s trying to be made, but it seems to be stretched a bit. When I googled “buses attacked in Egypt” I was met with lengthy articles from FoxNews, CNN, Washintong Post, New York Times, NPR, and way more. Many of these articles has professional photos from the incident, and videos which included interviews from witnesses. All posted within a day or two of the attack. Now reguardless of your opinions on these news stations, it’s a bit of a stretch to say that this didn’t get media coverage when at least 6 of the top news outlets covered it in detail.

    1. Hey Alicia, there is a reason most people never heard about this amazing incident. It was covered once by most media for one day, unlike Manchester and other terrorist acts in the West which receive wall to wall coverage for a week or more. There were precious few follow up stories regarding the victims’ stories or the investigation. My only question was why this story did not receive saturation coverage in light of the heroism and personal sacrifice that were so evident. Thanks for allowing me to clarify.

      1. “this amazing incident”????? First things first, what’s amazing about this incident? I’d call the incident horrifying? Disgusting, sad, ungodly. Anything but “Amazing” But hold on. We’re talking about the Middle East, and people have been happily killing one another over religion for more than 2,000 years. With that being said, this is just more blood in the sand in an ocean of blood already spilt.

      2. Hey Jerry, thanks for asking. It’s true that religious fanatics in the Middle East (and around the world) love to ambush and kill other people. In this case, however, the “victims” had the opportunity to renounce their faith and walk away; or to maintain their faith in Christ and be killed. Christians giving up their lives as a testimony to the power of Jesus Christ is the most compelling and persuasive form of witness. But it takes remarkable courage and integrity. We salute the amazing saints of Minya whose martyrdom is inspiring people all around the world months after it happened. Shalom!

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