The Life You Can’t Afford

FINE GOLDDon’t wait until it’s too late, then look back with sadness.  The secret to living a life of NO REGRETS, NO EXCUSES is to live forward today.  No life skill is more important than knowing where you want to finish and setting your trajectory today. I’ve found some virtues in the Bible that are essential in that marathon.

  • Generosity is about intentionally living a life that’s much bigger than me.
  • Readiness is the determination to be prepared at any moment opportunity should knock.
  • Accountability is the advance knowledge that I must someday account to my Creator for how I fulfilled his purposes with my life.
  • Enthusiasm is the result of being filled with the spirit and overjoyed by the reality of God’s dynamic love.  Nothing happens without enthusiasm.
  • Finally, there is Investment.  That’s about how I remove my money and resources from my heart, where they will poison me, and send them out into the realm of life where they will help others and bring a return.

It’s what Christ had in mind when he directed us not to treasure up treasures for ourselves on earth where catastrophes and criminals can rob us blind, and where inflation can whittle away the value.  Rather, we should lay up treasures in heaven far beyond the reach of hoaxes, hard times, and soft economies! (Matthew 6: 19 – 22)

It’s all proven wisdom, but that final statement that is so rich with insight: “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

On one hand, that’s a frank diagnosis of how to know where your deceitful heart is really headed.  If you sometimes worry that you talk the talk more vividly than you walk the walk, there’s a simple way to confirm or deny, seriously. You can do it on the go with your smart phone!  Take a quick survey of your bank transactions or your personal calendar.  It there’s no difference anywhere between you and your irreligious friends at the office except a mild blip on the screen on Sunday mornings, you’ve just found your heart: it’s beating for the secular world.  Sigh!

But there’s a flip side to this principle: if you don’t like the direction your heart and emotions have taken you, there’s an easy way to lead them back to the place where you belong.  Use your treasure to navigate for your emotions.  Begin to invest your time, talent and resources more heavily in eternal things, investments that have divine resonance; and your heart and emotions will follow.  It’s not just some vague spiritual principle: it’s a discipline that works in the real world.

Ordinary people spend their lives randomly and wind up looking back with sorrow and regret.  If only…?  Kingdom people invest the things that matter to us in causes that matter to God.  What we get back is the excitement of a life “bigger than me,” and the miracle of supernatural dividends- now and forever.

Someday you’ll get to heaven if you are a follower of Christ, and the currency there is righteousness.  Begin converting your dollars today.

For the colorful and surprising message that inspired this blog, click here.

And lift up the cross!



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