Broken System, Broken Promises, Broken Hearts


Every time someone wonders how illegal immigrants should be penalized, we hear the same  condescending sloganeering, “Well, we can’t deport them!”  We are lectured that after people have lived here in the USA for years, it would be cruel to uproot them from their homes and families and send them away to foreign lands.

Freeze that thought: after people have lived here for years, even illegally, it would be cruel to uproot them from their homes and families.  If that’s true, tell me what’s wrong with these two pictures.

Case Study #1: My friend from a nation in SE Asia has been here legally for more than twelve years.  She has been employed all that time and has never broken a law.  Two years ago she became a US citizen.  Her college age children are here, pursuing their education and careers.  They have diligently, meticulously filed all the right papers over all these years and jumped through all the hoops to remain here legally.  Last week, one of the sons was advised he must prepare for immediate deportation.  A form he had filed weeks before had apparently never been received, which means it was notated by immigration authorities as being late.  Phone calls and emails to the appropriate agencies have been met with standard jargon about rules and regulations and the inability of anyone to help!  But haven’t we been told its cruel to uproot and deport people who have been here for years? So it’s only cruel to deport longtime illegal residents. Wow!

Case Study#2: My friend is a respected professional in his field.  He and his wife, a US citizen since her youth, are actively involved along with their children in school, church and community in their hometown.  Two years ago they were notified that there is a problem with her naturalization: a government agent involved in her naturalization when she was 19 years old has now been convicted of illegal behavior.  So every immigration case he touched over a long career has now been turned on its head and people who have lived here for years have been advised they will be forced to leave.  Two years of consulting immigration attorneys, authorities and advocates have changed nothing.  The fact that this woman knowingly did nothing wrong when she was a 19 year old emigrant means nothing. The entire family will soon be forced to leave for another nation where they can be naturalized!  Her husband was born here, but it changes nothing! And what about the children?  If they were born here and are citizens, how can they be forced out?  Quick answer: the kids can stay but their mother will be deported!

Living here near DC, I get to experience an element of the immigration process of which many of my countrymen are not aware.  We’ve all seen the huge push to show mercy to massive numbers of undocumented immigrants and give them a pathway to citizenship. But what no one talks about are the people who obey all the rules, file all the paperwork, pay all the fees and spend all the time… only to be deported over technicalities. Then think about all the international families playing by the rules, standing in line and waiting their turn, who still can’t get into the USA after years of dealing with bureaucrats and meeting the requirements!

So if the case for illegals is not really about  the cruelty of deporting people who have lived here with their families for years, what is the real, hidden agenda at work here?  If justice must be blind in America, why can mercy play favorites? Our system of immigration is a sham, a national disgrace.  It shows mercy to the unjust, and injustice to the merciful.  We welcome anonymous terrorists to our shores but shove away the kind of loyal, hard working people any nation should treasure.  Lady Liberty deserves better than this.  Honest, law abiding immigrants deserve better than this. We should all be ashamed of what’s happening and demand that things change immediately.  If this offends you too, please share this blog.

Lift up the Cross!



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