Tip for Day 1

Day 1 is nearing an end.  Maybe you forgot because it’s a holiday.  Maybe you tried this morning and kept getting distracted.  Let’s resolve: I will not end this day without a meaningful time in my Father’s presence.  Now let’s get started.

  • Commit a specific block of time to this adventure today.  If you’ve prayed for 15 minutes before, commit to spend half an hour today.  Resolve to do this even if you wind up sitting in complete silence for the entire length of time, just to learn to be still before the Lord.
  • Read Psalm 51 aloud to the Lord.  After verse 3, pause and confess some of your most flagrant sins.  After verse 6, pause and list some of the attributes that accompany faithfulness and wisdom of heart.  After verse 13, pause and list some people you know whom you can mentor, encourage, and bring back to the Lord.
  • Read John 14 aloud.  After verse 1, pause and talk to God about why the disciples in the text have troubled hearts.  List some of the things that trouble your heart.  After verse 9, pause and list things you have learned about God the Father because of the Gospel accounts of Jesus.  After verse 21, pause and say aloud the command that most demands attention in your life today.
  • Spend some time in praise and thanksgiving.

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