Core Ideas of the Gospel of Jesus Christ



They have already changed the definition of marriage.  Now let’s redefine greatness.  Either that, or we must finally confess the USA is no longer a great nation.  Granted, our once proud homeland had some glory in our past, but there’s nothing amazing or inspiring about the place we find ourselves today.  And whether or not we rebound in the future will depend on how honestly we look at ourselves in the present.

We are still a big country, wealthier than many. We are not a great one.

  • Great nations win the wars they wage when combat is the only option. We send our sons and daughters off to war in distant lands; then quit the battle prematurely, leaving our friends on the ground to be destroyed.  National honor and wasted blood apparently mean nothing when public opinion polls begin to go south.
  • Great nations stand for great ideas.  The American idea has always been that God created us all with freedom and equality. That was then, this is now. Today the ideals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness have been replaced by vice, privacy and the pursuit of government loot.
  • Great nations demand justice for all.  Our system pits one racial group against another, and favors the demands of a favored few over the welfare of the law abiding majority.  We routinely try and convict fellow citizens in the press without waiting for an investigation, much less a trial.
  • Great nations are respected by their allies and feared by their enemies.  We are mocked by tyrants in Iran, North Korea and Russia.  Meanwhile, strategic allies in Israel or the Ukraine can be sacrificed for the deal of the day.
  • Great nations educate their people.  We indoctrinate ours. When honest men and women dissent, we disparage their motives rather than debating their ideas.  Thinkers and researchers can no longer challenge the status quo: they must submit to a new standard called scientific consensus.
  • Great nations never forget.  When our wounded warriors come home from battle, they are neglected year after year by VA hospitals funded solely to care for them.  When innocent Americans are arrested in Mexico, they linger in squalid jails for months while billions in financial aid keep flowing south.  We sign generous deals with Iran, never demanding the release of Americans held hostage in primitive prison cells.
  • Great nations have a conscience.  When England recognized their economy was based in part of the uncivilized mistreatment and sale of fellow human beings, they changed the law and abolished human trafficking.  When the USA realized that racial segregation encouraged the inhumane neglect and cruel abuse of black Americans, we responded to the Civil Rights Movement and changed the laws of the land.  But today, when shocking videos reveal that full term infants are being birthed alive in dark clinics on American soil and stabbed with scissors so that their organs can be harvested and sold for profit, most Americans have no response.

“America, America, God shed his grace on thee.”  We used to sing that song about God’s grace, good and brotherhood in our public schools.  In today’s classrooms, respected people mock the idea of God and deny there is anything good or unique about this historic land.  Textbooks explain that the country was founded by racists and bigots; that we enriched ourselves at the expense of other less fortunate nations. Boys and girls growing up in the US no longer assume we’re a great nation.

The rest of us should let go of that misconception as well.  The Greatest Generation is fading fast.  There’s still time for the Me Generation to do something bold and courageous. I pray every day for a spiritual awakening that will jolt the sleeping churches and electrify people all across the land.  I’m praying for grace, good and brotherhood like I’ve never prayed before.  God can shed his grace on us again, but first we need to shed our illusions.  We must seek the Lord with all our hearts and lean not to our own understanding.

Lift up the cross!

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