Core Ideas of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

July 4, 1776


July 4, 1776 surely seemed like the worst possible moment for American colonies to declare their intent to be free of British domination. In a New Jersey harbor less than 100 miles from Philadelphia , King George had assembled 300 massive war ships and 32,000 elite fighting men to crush all resistance by the Americans! Meanwhile, bogged down in southern Manhattan with far less than 20,000 poorly equipped soldiers- all of them green– and not a single warship, George Washington surely wondered how he could withstand the fury of the world’s #1 sea power!

Five long years later at Yorktown, Virginia, British General Cornwallis dispatched an officer waving a white flag, a signal that a miracle had taken place.  I love the way author Ron Chernow describes the scene: “Tens of thousands of onlookers gaped in amazement as the shattered British troops marched out of Yorktown and, to the tune of an old English ballad, The World Turned Upside Down, moved between parallel rows of handsomely outfitted French soldiers and battered, ragged American troops.”

July 4, 2015 is an ominous time for American patriots, but it’s not the worst moment our nation has ever faced.  If history shows us anything, it demonstrates the truth of one scriptural promise: God can do more than we ask or imagine. Once again let’s call down the power of Heaven and trust the wisdom of the Captain of our Salvation.  The odds are once again against us, but God is for us. Let not your hearts be troubled.

Lift up the Cross!

The excerpt is from Ron Chernow’s new book Alexander Hamilton.

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