This Crazy World: Three More Things Your Kids Need to Know


Most us us grew up in a world where there were two sexes: male and female. Scientifically, that’s still the case.  In the largest study ever done regarding sexuality and gender in the USA, the Gallup Poll documents that only 3.4% of Americans identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual,or transgender.  But culturally speaking, school children are now being taught that sexuality is an infinite realm of choices and possibilities that change and evolve in many directions over a lifetime. Gender is much too complicated, we are told, to force human beings into two tiny boxes like male or female.

That’s what the bureaucrats and leading voices of the culture are telling our kids. So what are we telling them?  Are we giving our children simple tools and insights to help them navigate the quicksand pools of popular media and public school? Or have we become so confused and embarrassed that we stand by in silence, hoping for the best?

Last week we considered three nuggets of historical truth we can share with boys and girls.  These aren’t sermon starters; just ideas to be stirred calmly into conversations while we’re driving, watching TV, or eating out.  Here are three more concepts you might be able to flesh out with your kids.

  • A big part of growing up and being mature is learning to control my desires.  All of us have been tempted to do things that seemed natural and perfectly normal at the moment.  Wanting to hurt people who don’t like you is perfectly normal. Wishing you could steal something you can’t afford to buy is a very natural thing. It may be impossible to control what my mind thinks or tells me I need, but I don’t have to give in.  In fact, being able to say no to bad habits and harmful attitudes is a very good thing.
  • God’s Creation is very complex but life is very simple: day and night; right and wrong; male and female. God created living creatures in two sexes so that a father and a mother could face many different problems together and build a great family.  Your mom does some things well and other things not so well. Your dad is really good and some jobs but not so great in others.  Together, a husband and wife can accomplish great things and keep their sons and daughters safe and healthy.
  • Being a boy or girl is not a decision you have to make: it’s the way God made you. Even before you are born, while you are growing inside your mom’s womb, little boys and girls are very different.  While you are growing up, you will have many different feelings and interests.  All of those are perfectly normal for you at that moment because God makes us all different in some way.  But don’t worry about whether you are a boy or girl: we already know that.  Instead, think about making good decisions about eating, and playing, and sharing, and being kind to others.  That will help you grow up healthy and strong.

Let’s be wise and prepare our kids for the cultural minefield they will be traveling every day. A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.

And lift up the Cross!


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