Core Ideas of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Grace at the Roman Coliseum

Seeing Amazing Grace performed at the ruins of the Coliseum in Rome sends chills up my spine. It is impossible to hear these lyrics and gaze upon those ancient walls without remembering all the godly saints who were martyred there during the first and second centuries of the Church.  Holy men and women were mauled to death by hungry lions, covered in pitch and set afire, impaled on swords in the hands of trained gladiators- all because they called on the name of Jesus Christ alone.  It was envisioned as a matter of national security by the emperors; a form of entertaining spectacle for the masses.

Now all these centuries later, the cheering pagans have passed into history- and eternity.  The conniving emperors who once loomed so large are long dead and largely forgotten, except by scholars of ancient history.  But the example of those Christian heroes continues to inspire generation after generation.  The Christian Faith went on to take over the Empire and eventually cover the globe.  Even in China today, there are more Christians than Communists!  And the amazing grace of Jesus Christ continues to quietly transform lives and communities.

The Roman tyrants hoped to distract the masses from their ruthless schemes to accumulate personal power and unjust wealth.  They offered them bread and circuses- free entertainment to cover the greed and corruption that was spreading like a cancer through the Empire. It was enough, but not for long.  Politicians are still using the same ploy to buy votes from self-absorbed citizens even today. Neither will it achieve anything good or lasting in our time.

Watch this video and be reminded again that nothing short of divine intervention can accomplish the kinds of change that we need here in 2015.  Christians must never again hope that regime change or political action can rescue us.  The same grace of God that gave Rome to the Church is our only alternative for bringing America back to sanity and security.  May Jesus Christ send us more grace!

Lift up the Cross!


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