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If you think the Big Names in Hollywood completely failed Christian movie-goers in 2014, think again.  Granted, Noah strayed far from the biblical account, and Gods & Kings was never sure if Moses had a divine encounter or an ordinary concussion. But there was another film most of us never saw or even heard of which painted a faithful and majestic portrait of biblical truth, confident prayer, and Christ-like character.  It’s now available On Demand and at Redbox.  It will not disappoint you.

The Good Lie is produced by Ron Howard and features the ever popular Reese Witherspoon. It recounts the story of a family of children orphaned in a merciless civil war in the Sudan.  After trekking nearly a thousand miles through sub-Saharan desert to safety in Kenya, they are assigned to a miserable refugee camp that eventually leads to relocation in the United States. They will be known as the Lost Boys of the Sudan.

Carrie Davis, Witherspoon’s character, is the headstrong, self-involved employment counselor assigned to help the young men establish a new life in Kansas City.  She and her friend Jack, played by Corey Stoll of House of Cards, are shocked and finally awed by the tender Christian faith and simple integrity so evident in these Sudanese young men.  Remarkably, Mamere, Jeremiah and Paul are portrayed by actors who actually escaped from the Sudan.  Two of the three had been kidnapped by insurgents and forced to serve as boy soldiers. They are utterly captivating.

No effort is made by the film maker to conceal the Bibles, the prayers, or the convictions that are so central to the lives of the Lost Boys.  The scenes in war-torn Sudan are jarring and authentic.  The challenges of starting over in the foreign and affluent culture of the United States are met with met with the sort of spiritual confidence and tireless love that are rarely portrayed in popular motion pictures. The climax is biblical, powerful and full of New Testament grace.

The Good Lie is a little movie with a great big heart, both magical and humorous.  It has received glowing reviews and great ratings from critics and audiences alike.  It may well be the most inspiring film you see in 2015.

Lift up the Cross!

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    God is good

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