It’s Good to be a Man, Part 2


Men love sports, so we know a lot about goal posts.   Goal posts afford us a way to measure who’s winning and who’s losing, so we get frustrated when people start moving them around- especially while the game clock is still ticking.  And in the game of life in the USA, the goal line for men has been moved out of the stadium.

Women can be anything they want to be, or so the popular culture insists.  But men must conform or else.  We need to be more sensitive. We need to talk more openly about our feelings except at work where we must be more guarded, especially around female coworkers. We should stop being so competitive and stop being comedians who are more comfortable making jokes about a buddy than commenting on how nice he looks in his new pink golf shirt. Men are cardboard– rigid, stuck in the past, obsolete.  Women are plastic– flexible, adaptable, able to accomplish anything.

These days we talk about gender as though there are really three sexes rather than just two.  But while respect is the order of the day for women and gays, anything goes when you’re talking about heterosexual males.  If we could somehow eliminate men, we could rid the world of serial killers, child molesters and rapists! (Yeah, but we’d also sacrifice the NFL, Major League Baseball, and the Navy Seals.) Those terms cardboard men and plastic women actually come from a popular book entitled, The End of Men.  No sane man would ever publish a book called The End of Women; not only because he would be universally assaulted in the popular culture, but because men really like women.  We’re glad half the population is female. We don’t resent our moms.

The culture may discourage masculinity, but our Almighty Creator is a more affirming.  Look once again at Genesis 1:27, “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” Sexual identity was a part of God’s original design, not only for the purpose of reproduction, but for balance and harmony as well.  Man was created from a thing, the soil, while woman came from the rib of another human being.  Different people with one shared purpose.

Someone has wisely observed that men are like waffles with everything neatly compartmentalized.  But women are like spaghetti with everything tangled together. That might be a high carb meal, but it’s God’s menu for a healthy world.  A nation becomes a stronger, healthier and more tranquil land  when responsible men can occasionally embrace the boy deep inside, and when grateful women can take comfort there are knights in shining armor nearby.

Lift up the Cross!


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