It’s Good to be a Man


Sometimes you just wanna smack somebody!  (Not literally, just figuratively.)  The ruling class of the culture insists that we must all cultivate our self esteem.  You are special even if make everyone around you miserable. You are valuable even if you sacrifice others for your own personal, reckless desires.  You need to be good to yourself and accept any desire that might arise in your beautiful brain, because you are awesome, baby.  Accept it!

On the other hand, those very same trendy voices insist that the human race is evil. That’s right, as individuals we are to be treasured.  But as a species, we are the most deadly plague, the most catastrophic event, that has ever infested the planet. We consume, and pollute, and usurp, and rape, and pillage until our planetary habitat  is ravaged and barren.  We refuse to honor Mother Earth or treat lesser creatures as our equals.  Message: rain forests good, human beings bad!

That’s just one more instance where the Word of God utterly defies the craven spirit of the Age.  You can argue about the length of the days of creation in Genesis, and you can debate whether the sun is produced in the first verse or on the fourth day, but don’t miss the point.  God invested himself in the project of creating and shaping the universe, and his masterpiece came to a climax with the creation of humankind.  In fact, you’d have to be blind not to recognize that everything is placed here for the delight of men and women.  We don’t simply tend to the garden; we have authority over it!

For five days God creates, shapes, and cultivates bodies of water, jungles and deserts, reptiles and insects.  After each of those days, the Master evaluates everything as good.  But after the human race is set in place at the end of Day Six, the Creator joyfully decrees things look “very good.” (Gen. 1:31)  And no wonder, the last creature he adds to the mix is created in his own divine image! (1:28.) That’s why he authorizes people to govern the earth and reign over creation. (1:28)

So don’t obsess so enthusiastically on the age of the planet that you miss the point of the book.  In God’s eyes, human beings are the most precious thing on the planet. Eden was for us. The mountains and seas wait at our service.  The universe is here to support human life on the Earth.  There’s no doubt we sinned shamelessly and should have forfeited everything for all time. But God loves human beings so much that he sent his only begotten Son to offer us another chance at greatness.  That shouldn’t make us proud, but it should make us grateful.

The fact is, you may be an absolute jerk and I make lack any redeeming value.  But there’s hope for us, because we belong to the human race, and God never gives up on people. Dogs are loyal and dolphins are caring, but Jesus Christ died for you and me.

Lift up the Cross!


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