Core Ideas of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Genesis Without Sunglasses

TROPICAL SUNRISEYou don’t have to visit Africa or Australia to experience a different world.  Just return to the Book of Genesis and take off your sunglasses!  I’m serious!  The mysteries and the majesty of the first book in the Bible can stop you in your tracks and take your breath away- unless you insist on seeing everything through a set of colored lenses! Here’s what I’m talking about:

  • Some people visit Genesis to prove their faith.  They have points to make, details to argue, and skeptics to defeat, so they read this amazing book looking only for debate points.  It’s all about measuring the intensity of commitment.
  • Other people come to Genesis to discount it.  They are certain that scientific advances have left the accounts of creation in a shambles, but they still hunger for some reassurance from Scripture.  They want to respect the accounts of Genesis, just not believe them.

This year, go for a completely different experience: read Genesis just to see what God has to say.  Don’t worry about how long the days are; just concentrate on how big the Lord is!  Don’t be distracted by what Dawkins or Hawking might say.  Listen for a few minutes to what God says.

  • Read the very first verse; then stop and take a deep breath.  The heavens and the earth are all there and you’re only one verse in!  Be still and reflect on the spectacular content of just those ten words.
  • Then read the next verse and imagine what that might look like: a lonely planet submerged in water; and the Spirit of God cutting through the darkness and hovering just over the surface as he does his work.

Genesis devotes only two chapters to creation; fourteen to one period in the life of a young Hebrew named Joseph.  God is clearly not going to great lengths to tell us how the world was made or how mankind came to be.  Instead, he wants to tell us why.  I have been reading the first eleven chapters of Genesis over and over again for the last three months, trying to forget everything I ever heard and listen only to what God wants to say.  No exaggeration– I am awestruck like never before. I cannot stop thinking about it.

My challenge to my friends: in 2014, take off your shades and read the first eleven chapters of Genesis.  You might see the beginning of time like you’ve never seen in before!  Who knows, when the light comes on, you might even see God.

Lift up the Cross!


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