Core Ideas of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Angry about Nothing

ATHEISTSThey’re back!  Christmas is drawing near and, once again, our friendly neighborhood atheists are mad as Hell- except, of course, they don’t believe in that dreadful place.  We could say they’re angry as the devil, except they don’t believe in him either.

This year headlines exclaim that in addition to filing lawsuits and bashing God in books and blogs, some atheists have begun to enjoy congregational meetings. They get together with other anti-believers to sing happy songs and listen to motivational speakers. They plan to do more of these events.  Today I came across another news story explaining how atheists plan to celebrate the season with secular greeting cards- Winter Solstice greetings, etc., etc.

Some of my friends have found this a little bit irritating, even unsettling.  It’s like those atheists are ripping off our thing.  I say, let em rip! Frankly, I think the news is mostly encouraging.  Here in the church, we insist that atheists are missing something important, but just don’t realize it.  Maybe some of them are beginning to realize it.

  • It’s refreshing and motivating when you get together to talk about and sing about the ideas that define your life.  Perhaps some of our unbelieving friends are starting to recognize they’re missing that. (Of course, it’s sad if their lives are defined by something they don’t believe.)
  • It feels good to make a special effort to encourage people, sending cheerful notes, and letting others know that they are loved and there is reason for hope.  It may be that many atheists have begun to realize they’re missing this as well.
  • Most importantly, it is wonderful to be at peace with the God who created the universe and gave us a special responsibility in this place.  It is awesome to realize that  the Eternal Father actually loves us, and wants us to be reconciled with him.  Knowing Christ is a privilege beyond words. Maybe some of our atheistic friends and neighbors will soon realize they’re missing this, too.

No matter what they do to make their point-that there is no point– this season, our anti-theist friends and neighbors will continue to lack credibility because their spokesman just seem so angry. They insist that they absolutely do not believe in God, so it appears they are angry about… nothing! That’s not only a terrible way to go through Christmas; it’s a tragic way to go through life.  Talk about living in denial……! So if you know any atheists, do something nice for them.  It must be a painful way to live.

Lift up the Cross!

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