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The Kids will be Next


Like a ripe melon lying in the hot sun, the Church is softening up for same sex marriage.  There are compelling arguments one can make why Americans must refuse to drink this deadly brew, but a lot of otherwise sensible people seem paralyzed by this intense fear of being dismissed as  unsophisticated.

For example, there’s biology.  Marriage is built around a biological process in which two individual bodies, one male and one female, actually cooperate and work together to achieve a natural function.  This necessity for separate bodies working in sync to achieve the hardwired function of one body is found virtually nowhere else in human biology.  Same sex couples can counterfeit other forms of intimacy but they cannot achieve this.  If the partners are lesbians, scientists can intervene with artificial insemination if consulted.  But notice how the insemination is characterized- artificial.

I suppose the second most powerful argument involves the loss of religious liberty that is already taking place.  Once SSM is legal and mainstream in every state, most Americans throughout most of US history will instantly be labeled bigots.  We will bear the same moral stigma that is associated with racists today.  And equal rights laws will guarantee that we suffer for our bigotry and ignorance.  Already in states where SSM is legal, Christian physicians and researchers are  being successfully sued for refusing to provide artificial reproductive services to gay couples.  Caterers are being sued when they attempt to deny service to lesbian couples because of spiritual or moral convictions.  Religious adoption agencies have been forced out of business for attempting  to refer homosexual couples to secular agencies for adoption. A celebrated science fiction writer was recently booted from a highly anticipated comic book project when gay activists pointed out the he had written and spoken against same sex marriage in the past.

Just a few decades ago, gay marriage was unthinkable and unimaginable.  Now many Christians are convinced it is inevitable.  But the cultural storm troopers won’t stop here.  Already,prominent voices in the movement are calling for legalized polygamy.  And it gets worse.  There is an ongoing effort to legitimize sex with children as well.  The American Psychological  Association has already published a “scholarly” article citing positive benefits that children can derive from sex with adults. And mainstream writers and publications are currently  pushing for that new frontier- legalized sex between adults and willing children.  Last week the Cannes Film Festival awarded  their highest honor to a movie that features extended, explicit sex scenes  celebrating erotic intimacy between a mature woman and a troubled 15 year old girl. Hollywood legend Steven Spielberg was one of the jubilant judges.

Don’t take false comfort in the fact that legalized sex with children is still unthinkable today.  Same sex marriage was unthinkable just twenty  years ago.  Today, it is opposition to same sex marriage that is unthinkable and intolerable.  If sane people don’t draw the line here today, the next frontier will be more shocking and more difficult to defend.  Today it’s marriage and the First Amendment.  Tomorrow it will be your boys and girls.

Lift up the Cross!


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