Sports Figures Go on Offense


American love sports because the rules are black and white, the athletes are passionate, and the team that wins is usually the team that came prepared to play hardest.  But there’s another good reason to love sports this week.  While a lot of Christians seem to be cowering in the shadows and preparing to collapse in the face of radical social experimentation, men in the sports world have found their courage and their voices.  Check out some of the bold, insightful comments made by sports figures this week:

ESPN Commentator Chris Broussard was invited to discuss the impact an openly gay player might have on the NBA.  Gently and respectfully, he explained, “Millions of Christians who follow the Bible — and Muslims who follow the Koran and Jews who follow the Torah, as well as many nonreligious Americans — believe homosexuality is wrong.  That doesn’t mean they’re unenlightened. That just means their moral code doesn’t fluctuate based on society’s ever-changing standards. As long as we’re not being violent toward one another, as long as we can be civil, everything should be fine. We don’t have to agree.”

CBS Commentator Tim Brando noticed the term “hero” being used frequently to describe Jason Collins, the first professional athlete to announce he is gay.  Brando calmly tweeted, “”He is good guy. Good for him.  Hero?  No, sorry.”  He later added, “The dictionary matters to me and ‘HERO’ can’t be used loosely. That’s my only point.”  He was gentle and respectful.

On another controversial topic, Washington Redskin QB Robert Griffin III lobbed this down field pass: “In a land of freedom we are held hostage by the tyranny of political correctness.” He was gentle and respectful, not sneering.

Guys in the public eye like these are laying a lot on the line when they create controversy for a popular network or team, but they waded onto the battlefield anyway.  Who knows?  Maybe sports figures really can be our role models.

Lift up the Cross!


One thought on “Sports Figures Go on Offense

  1. Thank you for posting this. It is good to know there are still some in the public spotlight standing for truth. I hope this will encourage others to make a stand.

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