Don’t Just Stand There


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”  Edmund Burke

The biggest problem with a Politically Correct culture is not simply that the wrong values generally become PC.  The biggest liability for people living in that kind of  world is that other valid, rational ideas are so vilified and assaulted that people who hold those view are intimidated into silence.  When a coffee table conversation turns to hot button ideas like abortion or gay marriage or casual sex, the PC ideas are acceptable currency, tossed around as though everyone agrees.  Meanwhile, more traditional viewpoints have been so discredited in the popular entertainment media that people who sincerely hold those views simply hold their peace.  As a result, in classrooms and office buildings all across the  land, casual observers assume that everyone has come to consensus on abortion rights, a new definition of marriage, and the irrelevance of marriage and fidelity.

The Politically Correct Crowd have not won the debate by offering up superior ideas.  Rather, they have simply driven the other team off the playing field through insults, name calling, and emotional slogans.  The lion’s share of human history and experience is on the side of the those who believe that human life is sacred; that marriage is a lifetime contract between a man and a woman; that sex is best reserved for married people.  Unfortunately, the wisdom of the ages is not PC in a world where the only things that matter have happened in the last 15 minutes!

Our problem is not that we’re wrong: it’s that we are afraid.  We want to maintain our respectability and let someone else save the world.  Unfortunately, things are so far gone today that meaningful change is going to require all of us!

So resolve that you will return to the conversation of life- the one taking place at your office, your favorite coffee shop, the student center, the  controversial classroom led by the trendy Marxist professor.  Determine that you will speak a basic nugget of truth whenever the opportunity presents itself, and that you will do that with love and respect.  It’s a battle of ideas, but it shouldn’t look like mud wrestling.  Just listen to the opinions of others at the table and then gently, respectfully add your convictions to the mix.

For example, if the conversation is about abortion laws, you can be sure that someone will appeal to a woman’s right to control her own body.  You can also be sure that some tender-hearted soul will split the difference and add, “I want abortion to be safe, legal and rare.”  Common sense asks, “If it’s safe and legal, why would anyone care if it’s rare or not?”  But you don’t even have to be that bold.  Just smile, nod your head and say, “I understand why you might say that, but I don’t see it that way.  I have always believed it is the duty of adults to protect little children.  Adults have many choices.  Babies and school children are defenseless.”  Than smile again and leave some truth on the table.

And lift up the Cross!


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