Survival Skills


Bear Grylls has survived being stranded on a mountain, being swamped in a blizzard, and being abandoned in a rain forest.  Clearly, this is a man who knows how to take care of himself.  That’s why a recent interview in Mens’s Fitness Magazine is so revealing.

An editor asked Bear, “What are your backpack essentials?”

Grylls replied, “Definitely a phone, water-proofed with double, zip-locked bags.  Tell people where you’re going and when you’re due back.  One of my knives- the one I always use on the show is called the Ultimate Knife.  I always take a laminated picture of my wife and my three kids, which I tuck into the sole of my shoe.  And my grandfather’s New Testament.”

Just a few years ago, the highly knowledgeable adventurer realized he didn’t have a clue about surviving the Earth and making his way through eternity.  He enrolled in the Alpha Course in Great Britain where he ultimately became a follower of Jesus Christ.  So it’s not surprising that he never leaves home without his New Testament.

We’re confident that the Discovery Channel will never find a wilderness that Bear Grylls can’t survive.  But if they do and things go south, the hero of Man Vs Wild is confident that Jesus Christ will get him safely home.  There’s a lesson here somewhere.  You can always find something to eat, even if it’s only bark or beetles.  However, man cannot live by bark and insects alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.

Lift up the Cross!


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