Not Really

He was an outstanding young man; a high school student who loved his family and walked with Christ.  He lived the kind of life that would make any parent proud; always a joy to be around.  Then suddenly last summer he was taken.

His parents were notified there had been a tragic accident.  An out of control vehicle had crossed the median in the highway and slammed head on into his car.  Tommy had not survived.  Needless to say, his mom and dad were stunned.  The next twenty-four hours were an endless blur.  Maybe they would wake up from this nightmare.  Of course, there was no waking up.

The day after the wreck, Tommy’s dad ask to visit the scene of the crash.  Friends discouraged the idea, but he insisted.  Finally someone drove him over to the place along the highway where his son had met his death.  There wasn’t much to see.  The grass alongside the road was disturbed. There was some residue of broken headlights scattered around.  Then the grieving father spotted something familiar.  There was a bumper sticker lying there along the edge of the road.  It looked almost new.  In fact, he’d seen his boy put it on his automobile just a few days before when he’d brought it home from a church camp.


Dad picked it up and smiled wistfully.  His son had been so proud of this that he’d placed it on the car immediately after returning home a few days before.  N.E.R.D: he had never even asked his son what it meant.  But he carried this small memento home with him and showed his wife.  But what does it mean?

Then they went online to do a little research and discovered the meaning behind the acronym.  It wasn’t about computer technology.  It was about faith.  Seeing those letters online and realizing what the acronym and the logo actually meant, two grieving parents felt the tremors of grace beginning to work in their hearts.  Their son had left them a message. And suddenly without warning, healing had begun.

The week before Tommy’s sudden death, he had placed a N.E.R.D. sticker on his car: No one Ever Really Dies.

The story is true.  So is the Resurrection.  Happy Resurrection Sunday!

Lift up the Cross!


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