Life Happens

Only last week ago- or so it seems– I opened my mailbox to find this fascinating issue of The Economist inside.  Almost instantly I was hooked!  The cover promised a quick capsule summary of the most important trends and events in every region of the world and many individual nations.  It was thick, riveting, and full of great photographs and quotations.  This was a must-read magazine.

So I plunked it down atop a pile of other news clippings and magazines I must read.  And it lay there… and lay there… and lay there.  Only a few days ago, I came across it while looking for something else, and I resolved again, “This is going to be amazing!  I have to read it.”  It was the annual issue titled, “The World in 2011.”

Today I opened the mailbox and found myself gazing at another most appealing issue of The Economist: “The World in 2012!”  That’s right, the previous edition has been waiting on my “Must Read” pile or a year now.  It’s already out of date and irrelevant. And I haven’t read a single page of it!  It’s not that I’m lazy or un-motivated.  It’s simply a matter of priorities.  For a solid year, there has always been at least one thing more urgent than reading that particular issue: watching a football game, watching a rerun, doing an online search, taking a nap, balancing the checkbook, etc. etc.

I’m going to read it tonight as soon as I get home from a counseling session- if I’m not too tired, and if Monday Night Football isn’t a stellar match up, and if no one calls.  Okay, maybe just maybe I’ll read it tonight.

John Lennon is not one of my favorite song writers, but he penned one of my favorite lyrics: “Life is what happens while you’re making other plans.”

It’s a Christmas gift I plan to give myself this year: a clearer set of priorities.  Sure, I hammered out a similar list years ago.  But life has changed constantly since then, I’ve grown older, and my circumstances are different.  Priorities are important.  I’ve gotta sit down and do this.  I’ll do it tomorrow night- unless….

Lift up the Cross!



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