Core Ideas of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Lately it seems like all the news is bad news, doesn’t it?  And I’m not just talking about ordinary bad tidings. I’m talking about world-class ominous bad news. What are people to do?  Actually, it’s pretty quirky to learn what some people are doing!

  • Doctors say that the heightened stress of everyday life has resulted in an epidemic of “sleep texting.”  That’s right, some people are so tense and tightly wound that they are unconsciously rising from their beds at night to text messages to friends.  Presumably, their friends are sleeping.  There’s no doubt, Americans are at the breaking point, right?
  • A chain of survival stores report that sales of emergency food supplies and camp kits have spiked in the last month.  Stores sold more cases of MRE’s last month than they normally seel in a whole year!  Customers indicate they are preparing for the collapse of society.

Some people are ready to press the PANIC button.  I’m thinking we should probably press the THANKS button instead.  Europe is melting down, the US Congress is deadlocked, Penn State University is falling apart, but America is still talking about the next election- not the next bombing or the next food riot.  With all these problems looming over us, the bigger problem in the country is still obesity- not starvation and not homelessness.  And although many of us will cut back on Christmas spending, Apple is still expected to sell all the I-Pads and I-Phones they can produce.

Most Americans are going to sleep pretty well again this Thanksgiving night- except for the lucky people who have great smart phones they can use for sleep texting!  God has been gracious again this year.  Our nation is stable, despite poor leadership.  Our economy is growing slightly, in spite of the housing crunch and bad government policies.  And many Americans are actually reporting that hardship in their personal lives has taught them to value the most important things even more- faith, family, a safe place to live, a free nation.  That’s a good lesson to learn at any price.

So if you actually think society is going to collapse before the end of the year, thank God for the internet.  You can visit a Survival website, buy all the supplies you’ll need in 10 minutes, and have them shipped inexpensively to your bomb shelter within 3 days by Federal Express.  And the rest of us who truly believe civilization will last well into 2012; we can thank God for all the other good things he has so graciously entrusted to us.

Thanksgiving is an action word.  Press the THANKS button all week-end long!

Lift up the Cross!

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