Core Ideas of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

The Christian Brain, Part 3

I spotted a new bumper sticker for atheists last week: “God is too big for one Religion.”  You can expect this slogan to start showing up everywhere in the near future.  It will likely catch on because a) it feels good to give God props while dissing religion; b) secular Americans prefer feeling to thinking; and c) too many Christians fail to laugh at the folly of brainless ideas.

To weigh the honesty or dishonesty of the slogan in question, simply replace the religious terms with non-religious ideas.  Let’s try out a slogan like this: “Healing is too big for one Science.”  When you realize how vastly important health and wellness are, why in the world would you trust only one field like conventional medicine?  Think of all the other callings that are widely available and very sincere: voodoo, snake oil, magic spells, phrenology, bleeding, psychic surgery, positive thinking, therapeutic touch, and witch doctors!  Surely, there’s an element of truth in each of those pursuits!  Right?

Imagine hearing your own physician utter those fateful words: “You have an aggressive strain of cancer.”  Shocked and dazed, you respond, “So what are you thinking, Doc?  Will it be drug therapy or surgery?”  Then your doctor replies, “Don’t be so narrow minded! Cancer treatment is too big for one small field!  I’m going to recommend that you visit a root doctor in East Tennessee.  He treats everything from acne to hemorrhoids with roots, ashes and snake blood.  Here’s his address….”  Yeah, yeah, healing is a gigantic concept, but I’ll bet you quickly forget all about that root doctor as well as the blockhead who suggested you waste precious time with roots and ashes!

In the same way, most Americans are never going to try Buddhism or Hinduism or Zoroastrian religion.  God is big but most people aren’t clueless.  So let’s just confess that the notion of God being too big for one religion is actually an insult to the true God and all religious people.

  • If all religions are partially true, then all religions are mostly wrong.  Living as individuals in Heaven, merging with one great spirit, becoming a star in the cosmos, or eternally recycling from one life form to another cannot all be true. Contradictory ideas can all be equally correct only if they’re all absolutely wrong.
  • To be valid, the statement requires that God must be too small to reveal himself to anyone; too powerless to demand anything of anyone; too irrelevant to require accountability; too distracted to care about microscopic earthlings or what happens to them.
  • The message is this: “Respond to the Big, Big God any way you want or- if it’s more convenient- don’t bother to knock at all.  (Wink! Wink!) We’ve always known that people who waste their time with religion are dolts!”

So when some pseudo-philosopher tries to put you in your place with all this nonsense about a big god and small religions, just smile and reply, “Surely, you’re joking!”  They’re not joking but you should laugh all the same.

Lift up the Cross!

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