The Cowardly Lion

Halloween is near and Americans must once again choose the costume they’ll be wearing. Joe Exotic from Tiger King will surely be a trendy option this year. Then there’s Alexander Hamilton from the musical and maybe Karen from Central Park. But again in 2020, the most popular put-on will surely be people dressing up like … More The Cowardly Lion

How We Lost Normal

Sound familiar? You’re speeding along the interstate, caught up in happy thoughts, exciting plans and your favorite music. The sky is blue, the sun is shining, and good times are waiting just ahead. Then suddenly you glance at your fuel gauge to discover you’re on Empty and there’s not another exit for 25 miles! That’s … More How We Lost Normal

Thinking for Yourself

One of the landmark achievements of Western Civilization has been the advancement of individual liberty. Throughout most of world history, your destiny was preset by your class, your clan, your race, or your caste. There were privileges associated with the right group, class, or nationality; there were liabilities suffered by other groups, those losers of … More Thinking for Yourself

Light Wait

Part 2: Based on Genesis 1:3  Astrobiology uses a measure called the Goldilocks Zone (I’m serious) to define the distance a planet must be from its star in order to maintain large amounts of water and a narrow range of surface temperatures necessary for life.  In our solar system, for example, Venus is too close … More Light Wait